Popular Movies to Watch on Netflix in 2020

popular films to watch on Netflix

Netflix provides thousands of films through its streaming platform. Though the service can be remarkably perfectly precise with its suggestions, it is often tough to find something which is worth watching amid the plenty of options. Trying to the best Netflix movies can be a tedious task. We all have experienced this. You decide to watch something, you did Netflix download, Netflix login, and start scrolling down the list of movies you have earlier bookmarked to watch later. But then there is the most important part to do, i.e. selecting the best movies to watch on Netflix.

You must find something that fits your mood, or something that your companion or friend agrees to watch along with you. You spend hours browsing, and by the time you find something that you think can be a good watch, it is too late, you become tired and decide to close the app. To solve your problem, we have listed out the Netflix movies list.

Best Movies to Watch on Netflix


Famous director, Ava DuVernay follows up her highly praised movie, Selma with a blistering documentary that looks at the mass imprisonment of minorities following the enactment of the 13th amendment. As the documentary shows, it is not just the embedded cultural racism that causes the widespread confinement of African Americans along with other minorities. There is a financial incentive too, and it is a great idea to lock audiences. The movie methodically goes through several decades following the passage of the 13th amendment to showcase how black people were affected by the government, media, and businesses to develop a new type of slavery. This film will annoy you, make you feel sad, and encourage you to act against a system that has done harm to its citizens.

The Old Guard

It is one of the best Netflix movies to watch in 2020. The film sets a new benchmark for superhero movies. Centered around the admired comics from Greg Rucka, this movie, directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, follows a huge group of immortal warriors who have worked for centuries for improving humanity. Guided by the prehistoric fighter, Andy and the newcomer in their team, Kiki Laynee, the movie finds an attractive balance of action and emotion.

Da 5 Bloods

A group of soldiers, who call themselves “The Bloods” find gold when in Vietnam. They decided to hide it and come back later, however; unforeseen events resulted in not only losing it but also their favorite squad leader.  They return to the country after several years in the hunt for the remains of the gold and their friend. This is an action-packed movie that shows racism, history, brotherhood, and greed.

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The Town

It is one of the must-watch movies on Netflix. Ben Affleck eminently turned his career around with his directorial debut, Gone Baby Gone in 2017, but he proved that he was not one-way pony with this extraordinary 2010 crime thriller named “The Town.” This movie follows four lifelong Boston friends who rob a bank, just for everything to plunge from there. However, Ben Affleck injects humanity into all characters that make this a remarkably sympathetic saga, which also features a swell performance from the director. On a base level, it is simply a fascinating and effective thriller.

Half of It

Netflix might have thought that it struck gold with To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, but The Half of It feels much different. It is the classic story of a boy meeting girl, the boy stumbling on words, hires another girl to write love letters, then the girls meet girl and fall in love with the first girls. However, it is okay because the guy who initially met the girl wants to help the second girl realizes how beautiful she is by being who exactly she is. Overall, the movie is a delight to watch.

Sleepless in Seattle

If you are searching for comedy best movies on Netflix, then this is the right one. A classic romantic comedy, Sleepless in Seattle tops the list. The film has Tom Hanks playing the role of a widower who lives in Seattle, His son calls into a popular radio show to describe his father’s romance story. Another character in the movie is of a Baltimore reporter, played by Meg Ryan. He is moved to tears after hearing the radio show and sets about finding this mystery man. The story has been directed perfectly by Nora Ephron, with its romantic angle, a good ending, and a great sense of humor. Grab a cozy blanket and cuddle while watching this movie.

I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore

If you have had a bad day, this might be the right film for you. When the police refuse to investigate a robbery, a nursing assistant, Ruth, and her neighbor named Tony decide to get into the investigation. This movie shows the peculiarities of daily life, before escalating its story into dark places with much darker humor. With a flair touch of Coen Brothers. The 96 minutes packed movie will make you emotional.


Based on the novella of Neil Gaiman of the similar name, Stardust is a magical and whimsical adventure through a magical land where the stars crash towards the earth in the form of human, space pirates cross the air, and the ghosts of the monarchy are entertained by the fratricide. Long before he was Daredevil CCharli Cox mesmerized as Tristan Thorn, a young man who travels to a magical land to find a fallen star and finds adventure and romance beyond the wall which he was advised not to cross. Stardust is both fun and playful to watch, with a lively performance from Michelle Pfieffer playing the role of a badass witch looking for immortality. In simple language, Stardust has everything you want from a wild imagination to romance to a fantasy adventure.

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It is one of the best movies to watch on Netflix. It is a classic comedy movie which both charming and funny to watch. Will Ferrell plays Buddy the Elf, a human who has been raised by elves in the North Pole and now takes the charge of finding his biological father in New York.  He has trouble adjusting, and troubles follow.  The director of the movie, Jon Favreau knows precisely when to allow Ferrell to lose and when to dial his broad comedy to maintain the emotional stakes, as the movie just hits the proper note. It is a great movie which can be watched again and again.

A Secret Love

This is a documentary on two females in love. Pat Henschel and Terry Donahue, an expert baseball player formed a relationship over seven decades and for almost the entirety of it, they keep their love hidden from people around them. Seeing different shades of hardship and prejudice, the two prove that love runs deeper compared to hatred.


There is no dearth of huge big-screen, Jane Austen adaptations, but Autumn de Wilde’s brilliant reimagining of Emma plays by a distinct set of rules than most of them. The film has large shoes to fill- after all, Emma got a perfect and radical reinvention the Clueless of 1955- and it works, forming a romantic and engaging story that works as a modern-minded parody and an eternal love story.

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