10 Easy Business Intelligence Tools A Business Needs

intelligence tools for your business

No matter big or small, every business requires the right tools to analyze data and create a suitable business strategy based on the info they receive. Business Intelligence tools are the means that help companies get ideas from their data and get the right understanding of what trends and directions to follow. Irrespective of the scale of your business, executing the right business intelligence tools can help you attain more benefit from your data than earn more profit.

Are you facing difficulty in analyzing and organizing all the data you have? If so, then use the best intelligence tools that your business needs. A great BI tool can gather, analyze, and convert your data into a simple comprehensible report.

10 Best Business Intelligence Tools

1.       Sisense- It is one of the important business intelligence tools that a business must use. This tool helps businesses to collect, analyze, and look at data, which can be used in making the right decisions. It also helps in making proper strategic plans for a business.

The tool collects all required information into one dashboard with its drag-and-drop feature and offers a rough view of your data. Users can come up with a reliable analysis by making use of visual reports as a base, making the procedure far simple and hassle-free. The interface of this platform is simple to use, letting users learn the system navigation fast.

Along with these features, Sisense also provides sensitive data crunching for beginners, making it a great choice for those who have never used BI solutions before. On the contrary, if you are looking for scalability, flexibility, and extensibility, no worries. It comes with the API-first approach for the developers. If you would like to know more about what Sisense offers, the vendor provides a free demo so that you can learn about the important features of the tool.

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2.       Zoho Analytics- Another one on the list of important business intelligence tools is Zoho Analytics. It is a famous business intelligence, analytics, and reporting software from the inventors of a famous web-based solution, Zoho Office.  Zoho Analytics can integrate data from a wide variety of sources and turn it into visually appealing and simple to comprehend reports for sales, marketing, and other departments.

The tool comes with a 15-day trial after which you can select a subscription plan based on your company budget and requirements. Zoho can help your business record important metrics, reveal current trends, and find secret insights.

3.       Board- It is one of the most popular business intelligence tools. Why? Because it is a comprehensive cloud-based business intelligence tool. It includes a performance management solution. The tool comes with strong business intelligence capabilities, including data gathering, data discovery and self-service analytics, totally customizable reporting, and simulation.

What provides this business intelligence tool an advantage over other software solutions is its versatility. It is designed to accommodate the requirements and needs of small to large enterprises across various industries, including non-profit, healthcare, finance, construction, automotive, legal, and much more.

One of the unique features of this tool is its powerful automation that the users can integrate into different stages of pertinent procedures to improve efficiency without affecting accuracy. In addition, the tool comes with a modern toolkit that lets users design and develops analytical and data mining models from the initial stage. You can use the same tool for creating and updating databases, virtual reality applications, and several other uses.  

The tool’s integration with MS Office has proven to be helpful for those users who like using Word documents, PowerPoint, and Excel spreadsheets without the need to transfer it manually. The incorporation with MS Office tools is also useful when the users work offline. As far as usability is concerned, Board is simple to use which does not require any technical assistance.

4.       Dundas- If you are searching for modern yet simple business intelligence tools, go for Dundas. This is a browser-based tool that comes with instinctive drag and drops functionality. This tool has been in use for twenty years.

The tool transforms lots of data into attractive and coherent reports that can be customized considerably. You can check these reports and conclude without appointing an analytical team. This is a powerful, customizable business intelligence tool that provides a trial period of 45 days. The company offers flexible pricing that makes it apt for different users.

5.       Microsoft Power Business Intelligence Tool- Microsoft Power BI is a free and one of the powerful business intelligence tools from Microsoft. This tool lets you get insights and data in minutes with your tablet, laptop, and smartphone. The Microsoft Power BI transforms data into interesting visuals, allows you to explore and analyze data easily, and shares it with others. This tool also allows the users to share reports and dashboards and co-operate together. Security and built-in governance let the users scale their service throughout any company. Users can start using this service for free initially.

6.       Wyn Enterprise- This is a powerful business intelligence software designed to help businesses develop intricate dashboards and reports. This platform offers out-of-the-box business intelligence functionalities, including self-service business intelligence, data visualization, multisource data integration, and data reporting. These tools help streamline data modeling, data federation, schedule distribution, and data governance.  

You can combine Wyn Enterprise capability into software items to reel in data from various formats like JSON, CSV, OData, ODBC, and many more. In addition, the user interface of this platform helps both technical as well as non-technical users to exploit data opportunities without much fuss. You can use Wyn Enterprise free trial and understand its features free without any commitment.

7.       Looker- This is a data-discovery business intelligence tool that helps companies of various scales find the right solutions thanks to real-time data access. It can check practically any data, despite its size. Its analytics can incorporate various SQL databases and various data warehouses. With this Business Intelligence tool, you must define your metrics once and later allow Looker to write the correct SQL.

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Subsequently, the tool will answer all the questions that a data explorer has. This platform allows you to create simple visual reports that are easy to understand and share reliable info with the entire company. To understand how this tool works, you can always ask for a demo. This tool has an adaptable pricing model for annual subscription plans. You can even request a personalized quote at their site.

8.       MicroStrategy- This is one of the popular business intelligence tools that offer data analytics and dashboard to its customers. With its tool, you can track current trends, find out new business opportunities, enhance the productivity of various company departments, and much more. It allows users to import the incoming data from various sources. This tool lets you access your reports from mobile and desktop too. This data-driven intelligence software can help you to convert your business into a data-driven organization.

9.       ActiveBatch- This is a powerful solution known for its ability to streamline workflows. This platform helps users address the difficulties of IT while guaranteeing the reliability of business processes and workflows. Most significantly, ActiveBatch offers alerting, workflow monitoring tools, along with advanced real-time insights that offer users peace of mind.

Active Batch is mainly designed to automate IT workflows but is hard to discount its business intelligence and analytics skills. Some of the important ActiveBatch features include SLA monitoring, template reporting, customized reporting, Gannt views, and formidable business intelligence tools. You can opt for a free trial to study more about the tool’s features and capabilities.

10.   CXAIR Platform- It is a robust, BI tool tailored for finance, healthcare, and retail companies. It is a reliable solution, letting businesses obtain ideas that drive change and improve business growth. Largely, the CXAIR platform offers tools that companies require to combine info sets as well as connect the data sets. A few of its salient features include data classification, self-service data preparation, and contextual search.

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