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Oneplus Nord specifications

It might not sound an exciting phone on the paper, but OnePlus wanted to make some compromises to get this phone set down to its value point, and we think there is a significant amount of good in this phone for the cost. If you have heard enough about One Plus Nord, but not sure whether to buy it or not, then have a look at some of the important specifications of One Plus Nord.  These specifications of OnePlus Nord will help you to make the right decision.

Calling it as a comeback would be wrong. More precisely, it has been said that it is not OnePlus “returning” to make more affordable phones. Instead, it is a new thing. This is OnePlus’ first non-flagship. Flagshipmeans the first phone that is not displaying a Snapdragon 800-series processor. What that actually means is that OnePlus is joining the trend of mid-range phones in 2020 that uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765 processor, and while there will be similarities between this and its competitors, the OnePlus Nord is trying to keep a sense of OnePlus-ness about it by being priced competitively and providing that fast, clean, and smooth experience.

OnePlus Nord smartphone was launched on 21st July 2020. The One Plus Nord features include a 6.44-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080×2400 pixels and an aspect ratio of 20:9. This phone is powered by a 2.4 GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor. It comes with a 6GB RAM. The OnePlus Nord runs Android 10 is driven by a 4115mAh non-removable battery. The OnePlus Nord supports exclusive fast charging.

Specifications of OnePlus Nord

Design- One of the important specifications of OnePlus Nord include its practical design. Where the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro had curved glasses, magnificent frosted glass, and premium construct, the OnePlus Nord has made a few compromises to keep the prices down, but still, keep some high-quality materials and has instead a simple design language. The front and back are made of glass, with rear coming with either a dark Onyx Grey finish or the Blue Marble that you see in our hands-on photos.

The bright blue color reminds us very much of spearmint flavor, Softmints. Still, it seems to have that metallic sheen layer under the glass too, to provide that extra layer of texture. One Plus Chose against its customary symmetrical, camera-housing, and center-mounted. As an alternative, the Nord has a more standard long-pill shaped lump in the left corner on the top. It is a design we have seen on several smartphones and seems to be a popular way to do things nowadays.

As far as the front side of the phone is concerned, the OnePlus Nord chose a practical approach. Rather than having the curved glass on the display, the panel of this phone is totally flat, practically all the way to the edges. It keeps prices down and makes sure that there is no risk of any type of distortion and accidental touches as you might find with curved screens sometimes.

oneplus nord specification review

The bezel around it is thin practically the way around, with the bottom bezel being ever so somewhat thicker. There is a dual-camera system in the top, which might make for versatile shooting, but impedes more of that exhibit area. We must test the phone further before you decide if that is going to get in the way, but our first instinct is that the less the obstruction, the better.

Other than this, the choice of ports and buttons is the same as you will find on any other OnePlus. The alert switch remains as it is, so it is easy to switch between the different notification modes. So, if you want to silence all the notifications, it is a simple slide-up of the switch. It does not have a 3.5mm input, but we have the general Type-C port, SIM tray, and speaker on the bottom edge, along with the volume rocker switch placed on the left side.

One of the important specifications of OnePlus Nord that makes it different from other mobile phones is the material and thickness of the external frame. It feels like plastic, and it’s quite thick, so the phone feels a bit heavier in the hand compared to other phones we have tested. It is quite a big phone. It has roughly a similar thickness as an iPhone 11, but it is narrower and taller than the popular smartphone from Apple.

Battery and camera- This phone comes with dual selfie cameras. The headline feature of this phone is its “flagship” camera setup. To your surprise, the phone comes with a total of 6 cameras on the headset, i.e. two on the front side and four on the rear side. The main camera on the rear is exchanged from a flagship phone- the OnePlus 8. It is a 48MP Sony IMX586 sensor teamed with an f/1.57 lens, which can take 48MP images, though by default it is set to 12 MP.

This is accompanied by a trio of other cameras, consisting of a 5MP depth sensor, 8MP, 2MP macro camera, 119-degree ultra-wide-angle snapper for those expansive landscape shots. There are a lot of shooting modes, including nightscape, portrait, super pro and macro, slow motion video at 240 fps, 4K recording at 30 fps, and plus Full HD.

The main front camera is of 32MP, f/2.45 snapper is complemented by a 105-degree ultra-wide camera, 8 MP, which is quite useful in taking group selfies. OnePlus has said it is also enhanced its image handling smarts, though we have not been to check the camera properly, so you will have to wait for the complete review to see their performance.

As for the battery, the OnePlus Nord comes with a 4,115mAh power pack with ultimate support for the Warp Charge 30 charging, which must give you from 0% to 70% in about 30 minutes with the bundled cable as well as power adapter inside the box. However, there is no wireless charging support, another area where some of the corners had to be cut down to keep the cost down.

A big flat screen- The flat screen is one of the significant One Plus Nord specifications with refresh rates below 90 Hz, so it is of no surprise to see that is precisely what this phone has. It is totally flat with a 6.44-inch full HD+ panel.  Specification wise, it is about a similar screen as of Oppo Find X2 Neo. It is an AMOLED panel featuring a resolution of 1080 X 2400, and this makes it a 20:9 ratio panel and signifies that you must get deep black, attractive colors, and too many details.

specifications of the oneplus nord smartphone

It might not be as sharp as the QHD+ panels, but in our initial look- at least- it seems to be decent. In addition, with the 90 HZ refresh rate helps you to find that animations within the well-optimized Oxygen OS software are responsive and fluid.

Speed- By looking at the above specifications of OnePlus Nord, OnePlus has given this new phone some “oomph” factor. The Snapdragon 765G chipset might not be the top tier, but it must be quite powerful to keep this phone running smoothly. At least, if our experience with other phones utilizing that processor is anything to move by, and OnePlus’ practice of making the software snappy and fast.


This phone has git 5G, lots of storage space, a fast display, fast charging, and a software experience that is clean and smooth. There is a potential for this phone to be the best phone as far as its price is concerned. From a hardware perspective, the OnePlus Nord price is worth it.

Will, OnePlus Nord set the pulses racing with supreme performance and ultra-premium design? No. But will it provide a viable and highly competitive experience for the price? Definitely. It seems like it can give real competition to the Pixel 4A and iPhone SE.

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