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Things To Consider Before Buying Wireless Earphones

how to choose best wireless earphones

With the Apple AirPods announced alongside the iPhone 7, many companies have been trying hard to release similar wireless earphones costing half a fraction of what Apple is offering. It seems that the hard work has given results, as these wireless earbud sales are rising in all the main markets across the world. Thanks to the mass manufacturing and resultant decrease in the costs. But, what do these truly wireless earbuds deliver over the traditional wireless earphones? What are the tips to buy wireless earphones?

Wireless earphones or wireless earbuds, as they are commonly known as- are the rage currently. Every headphone manufacturing company is rushing to manufacture one, and those companies that do not have a product ready to sell, are purchasing in generic models and adding their name just to ensure that they do not miss the competition.

However, all wireless earphones are not manufactured equal. There are many good products out there, and there are some truly dreadful ones too. If you exercise due diligence while choosing a pair of wireless earphones for android, you can possibly avoid the worst models available in the market. Earphones or earbuds are things we tend to use every day while exercising, going to work, etc. It is worth getting a good pair of wireless earphones if you listen to audiobooks or music.

Follow These Tips to Buy the Best Wireless Earphones

Bluetooth has emerged

During the past, people used to link wireless audio with bad quality sound. Many wireless earphones use Bluetooth, a short-range technology. It helps to connect your phone to your phone, car, or laptop, or tv. This audio used to sound bad as Bluetooth was not made for a huge amount of info but for the compressed work.

Nowadays, selecting Bluetooth earphones is not an extensive compromise. As the headphones evolve, the wireless technology that powers them has also evolved. Bluetooth 5.0, which is available in all the new Android devices, guarantees the speedy transfer of data, which means that you will enjoy a rich sound and a high- quality audio. There are many headphones and earbuds that are designed to stay inside the ear canal when you work out. If you are interested in paying extra, some of the models guarantee superior sound quality.

Consider what you listen to and When?

Once you understand that wireless earphones are not as bad as they were earlier, you must consider their use. If you love music, then you must look for something that provides a deep and immersive experience. This means that wireless might not provide you the experience that you are looking for. For example, if you are going for a workout, you might not focus on the sound’s quality- you just want to avoid the noisy sound around you.

Once you know that wireless headphones are not as bad as they were, you should consider their use. If you love listening to music, then you need something that offers an immersive and deep experience, which means that wireless might not give you the experience that you desire.

buying the right wireless earphones

In such circumstances, you need a pair of wireless headphones that can not only lock the outside noise but also allows you to know what is going around you. This is called “isolation” and it is perfect if you use your wireless headphones outdoors. Ensure that you buy a pair of wireless earbuds that connect to your phones without requiring to reconnect repeatedly.

Considering the battery life is also one of the important tips to buy wireless earphones. However, if you are looking for wireless earphones that you can wear while going to office, you must focus on audio quality. You should choose wireless earphones with a mic. These earphones come with an “active noise cancellation” feature. These kinds of headphones are available at a cheap price as they do not use complicated technology.

Choose the right type of headphone

The biggest of all tips to buy wireless earphones. Before you get into variations, smart features, noise cancellation, etc., you must select the type of headphone first, so let us start. Basically, there are three types of wireless headphone styles. These are over the ear, in-ear, and on-ear.

a. Over-the-ear headphones

The biggest of the three kinds, over-the-ear headphones surround your ear and stay on through light pressure on your upper jaw and temple. These headphones are classic, and they come in two versions, i.e. open and closed. Closed-back earphones naturally keep your music in, avoiding others around you from hearing what you are listening to, whereas the open-back headphones have openings that let outside sounds in and out.

The best thing about the over-ear headphones is that they leave a space between the headphone speakers and ears. The space does the same thing that a good concert hall does. It surrounds you in natural sound, while providing a sense of distance between the performance and you.

Over-the-ear headphones are bulky and big. Some people complain that after using over-ear headphones they feel their ears get hot. If you run or workout with over-ear headphones, your ears will get sweaty. However, if you are on a 6-hour flight and want to cut yourself from the rest of the world, then these headphones are the best.

b. On-ear wireless earphones

These earphones are smaller and lighter compared to the over-ear headphones. They stay on your head through pressure directly on your ears, just like earmuffs. On-ear headphones are available in closed and open variations, but as a rule, on-ear earphones will allow more ambient sound through than the over-ear earphones. The only complaint with these earphones is they put too much pressure on the ears. They fall-off when one shakes their head.

c. In-ear headphones

Often known as earphones or earbuds, in-ear headphones are the smallest among all the three kinds of headphones. They are available everywhere. Thanks to Apple for including a pair with every iPhone. These earphones are great for working out or while doing anything active as they are portable and generally feature sweat/ water-resistant materials. They are convenient to carry. They do not mess up with your hair or interfere with your earrings or glasses. If you are buying earphones mainly for a workout, then you must go with in-ear headphones. Some of them come with attachments for a secure and comfortable fit. Whereas some models come with an ingenious smart and touch feature. So, you can easily attend calls, mute the phone, and listen to music while exercising.

choosing the best wireless earphones guide

Battery Life

Most of the wireless earphones offer a decent battery life. It is subjective and mainly depends on the usage. It is important to look for wireless earbuds that give 4 to 5 hours of talk time. The standby time must be at least a week. The numbers might differ according to specifications, price, and model. Standby times and talk times can differ widely. In today’s fast and busy life, one should look for earphones that will need less fuel but will work for a longer period.

Never overspend

Once you find out where you are going to use your earphone, you should start fixing your budget so that over expenditure can be avoided. As soon as you start looking around for wireless headphones, you will come across different styles at different prices. One of the important tips to buy wireless earphones is to wait for a few months if you want to buy expensive earphones. If the headphones are not available in the market for a long time, their price will start to drop, and you can afford them easily.

Drivers are one of the significant things that show the quality of wireless earphones. If you choose cheap drivers, you will end up buying tiny and robotic audio quality. The higher the quality of drivers is, the better will be the sound quality. If you are ready to spend money, then choose earphones that give a long battery life and a good quality sound. Ensure that you spend money on the features that you like.

Decide how long are you going to wear them

Earphones fall into four different groups. These are over-ear, in-ear, on-ear, and earbuds. Generally, over-ear earphones have huge cups that will cover the whole ear. On-ear headphones have small cups that rest on the outer-ear. Whereas In-ear headphones go into the ear canal while earbuds remain at the edge of the canal.

You must choose any of these earphones depending on how long you are planning to wear them. If you are going to wear them for long hours, you must stay away from earbuds and in-ear earphones, as they will make you uncomfortable after some point of time. At first, they will be comfortable but gradually the ears will become sore.

You should choose one of these headphones based on how long you plan to wear them. If you will be wearing yours for extended periods, you should stay away from earbuds and in-ear headphones, as they get uncomfortable after a while. At first, you will find them comfortable, but they will make your ears sore if left inside the canal for too long.

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