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Improve your Work Performance with These Productivity Apps

Productivity is defined as an ability to perform tasks efficiently within a stipulated period. In today’s competitive world, productivity is paramount of any business, corporation, or business. It is something more than performing tasks successfully. It is all about investing and allocating resources, so the business or company can perform to meet its core objectives. It is significant to commit to new objectives. While shopping around for a new productivity software keep in mind the following things including reliability, cost, on the go, technical support, cross-platform compatibility, etc. In the following sections, all of us will examine the most recommended productivity tools to boost your performance.

Today’s digital age has created an abundance of distractions. Even the subject of productivity apps comes down to a single factor. It is all meant for mental discipline training. Productivity software is as good as the users. But, yes, it does help to motivate yourself. Are you confused with the wide varieties of productivity tools available? If so, we are here for your rescue. Below is a list of top productivity software that can help you improve your performance.

productivity tools to enhance performance

Productivity Tools to Boost your Performance

Monday dot com- Monday dot com was founded to create a team management solution, so people connect to workplace processes across industries. The productivity tool is used in over 140 countries. The user interface is impressive and intuitive. It not only makes collaboration productive but also fun due to its simplicity. This tool has one of the best user experiences across mobile and online projects. It includes customization, usability, group management, public or private control, admin control, etc.

Asana- This is one of the best productivity tools to boost your performance. The mantra behind Asana’s product is to help teams from across various organizations to work together smoothly. This software comes with too many customizations. When you create a project as a user, you can select between a traditional task view and a Kanban-style board view. This dashboard of this software helps you to gauge a project’s progress, and it includes an excellent advanced set of different search tools. Moreover, the iOS and Android apps of Asana retain the clean look and feel of the web interface.

productivity tools to improve performance

Trello- This software was founded in 2010 and after two years the platform added 500,000 members. Anyone with sales, HR, operations, and marketing can easily collaborate with this product successfully. In addition, the tool has more than 100 integrations with Slack, Jira, Google Drive, and others. The product works flawlessly across different platforms. Some of the popular features include easy-to-use, set up, and speed. This interface includes due to assignments, checklists, file storage, and dates.

Evernote Business- Evernote was founded in 2008 and reached around 11 million users by 2011. The product helps in bringing together teams due to its functionality and versatility. It creates collaboration on projects, documents, store information of all single location. In addition, you can find info quickly and it includes effective search capabilities and integrations with existing tools you may already utilize.

Slack- Slack was founded in 2013 and the tool is prefigured as a collaboration hub. Slack is where productivity happens. When you begin a new project, appoint new staff, deploy a code, review sales contract, finalize a budget, Slack covers these. Some of the main highlights include customizable notifications and seamless integrations with other teamwork and office tools. The free version of this software comes loaded with unique features but does not archive old messages. So, you must review what are the best options for your business or organization.

Hemingway Editor- Businesspeople need to write, it is an important part of a business. For instance, digital entrepreneurs will often market themselves using popular media publishing platforms, which means that writing must be acquired as a skill. Nonetheless, even if you outsource your writing, you still want to check it against readability and common mistakes. The Hemingway Editor is a digital online tool for checking your writing against common mistakes, the use of incorrect words, and various ways in which your writing is expressing itself. When you can improve your writing for better readability, it makes your target audience more interested to engage with whatever you have to offer.

There might be times when you get frustrated by seeing the end number of suggestions that this app gives you, but once you are done with editing you will understand that sometimes a bit of polishing can go a long way towards a professional and friendly copy.

ODesk/ Elance- Sometimes the best person to check your writing is someone other than you. If you want to get going with the blogging content, then Elance and ODesk are the best places to start. You can signup to these sites free of cost, but you need to pay 10% of the payment for each project. Alternatively, scour LinkedIn for freelancers. Generally, you can get a respectable assessment of a freelancer’s skills level by checking their profile and doing a bit of digging. Whichever way you take, just keep in mind that copy cannot be done single-handedly, so do not get scared to hire out some assistance.

Jira- The Jira software is flexible and touted as the next-generation project. The software lets teams design and adapt the software to a company’s requirements. This includes having visibility into long-term objectives, the status of work, project roadmaps, real-time release info and much more. Moreover, the interface is customizable. The Atlassian Cloud does not support several separate domains, sub-domains, or domain aliases in Google Apps.

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools- It goes without saying, these are some of the important productivity tools to boost your productivity. Discussing productivity without talking about Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics is incomplete. You cannot neglect the vital stuff!

These online marketing tools offer ultra-valuable insight into the performance of your website, conversions, and traffic referrals. Together, these tools will help you to monitor and maintain your site to make sure that it is internet-optimized as well as Google-friendly.

HootSuite- An oldie but a goodie, Hootsuite is helpful for managing different social media accounts. Monitor all your social media activities across different networks in one simple-to-use dashboard which allows you to schedule posts, assign social assignments to team members, organize Twitter lists as well as followers, measure the performance, and much more.

Buffer- Buffer makes it extraordinarily simple to share web articles through social media without any problem. Just log into Buffer, connect different social media accounts, and schedule content sharing times. When you come across something that you like and are sure that your followers too will love, then hit the Buffer bookmark button and Buffer will put that article into your queue, which it will automatically share at one of your scheduled share times. Buffer helps to promote great content online and helps you to store and share content so that you do not stuff all the articles down the throats of your followers at once.

Toggl- It is one of the most popular productivity tools to boost your performance as it helps to keep a track of our time. Just click the Toggl button and your time starts! It is a super simple and easy method to track your time. Toggl allows you to look at reports and find how much time is spent on various projects during the week.

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