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Few Popular Test Management and Bus Tracking Tools

Test management and bug tracking is an important step involved in software testing. Without this, several programs would consist of several errors when they reach end-users. These days, defect tracking is considered as one of the popular phases of software testing, as noticed by thousands of tracking tools available online.

Most of the software projects involve bug tracking and testing, but various projects can need various tracking tools. Selecting bug tracking tools that meet the bug tracking requirements of a specific project is important to releasing software that operates as planned.

Here are a few bug tracking and test management tracking tools

Spiratest- Spiratest is a web-based management system. Accessible on-premises or hosted in our safe cloud, SpiraTest will allow you to manage your software needs, test suites and test cases and defects/bug in an integrated system. With strong dashboards and customized reporting, SpiraTest is one of the most affordable and powerful test management system and bug tracking tool available in the market. Some of the important features include:

  1. Unlimited needs, releases, incidents, and test cases
  2. Test Case Management
  3. Requirement Management
  4. Defect & Issue Tracking
  5. Clean User Interface

HP ALM/ Quality Centre- It helps team building and organizing the testing effort, track the progress throughout the application lifecycle and is architected around testing best practices, asset fostering the re-use. With this, teams can build or import tests and requirements fast, execute the enhanced manual testing, fix the schedule, and handle test-automation and handle defects throughout life. Eliminate poor quality releases and lessen the cost of rewriting application with HP Quality Center. It can keep your business needs, defects, and test cases in QC separated by the projects. It can upload data to QC directly from the excel. It can pull out reports of all test cases that are executed along with their recent status with nice charts and graphs. It can do manual and automatic testing. Several tests can be performed for a similar test case by several users at almost the same time.

Jira- It is a project management software that is very popular among several companies. It is meant for helping the users to capture, set priorities, and assign their work. It allows handling the whole procedure of application development ensuring that everything is covered, from ideas to the final launch. Its simple and intuitive interface enables collaboration with the teammates and permits you to get the work done in an efficient manner. It provides real-time, visual data reports for boosting team performance.  This software comes with advanced project management features and capabilities. It is suitable for companies of any size and is very valuable to all the collaborating teams, project managers, and stakeholders.  This software helps your team share the info and engage others seamlessly, find issues on agile boards with customized agile workflows, and cross-check their efficiency with certain work, joint-editing tools etc.  However, typically this software will require a third-party plug-in from its market to do full-blown needs management or the test management.

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