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Few Trustworthy Alternatives to WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most famous messaging platform in this world as far as the number of users using it is concerned. Not many individuals can complain regarding its security features either but controversies about its parent company Facebook and its plan to rule the internet made people worried. WhatsApp became a source of abuse, antisocial hatred, and fake news. If you as a WhatsApp user not comfortable with the association of WhatsApp with Facebook and its feeds that have more and more data, then here are some of the best alternatives to WhatsApp.

Best Alternatives to WhatsApp

Telegram- Telegram is possibly one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp. It has over 200 million active users across the world. It was the first chat service that used end-to-end encryption. This app uses the safe 256-bit symmetric AES encryption. In addition, Telegram is a fast messenger service as they have their servers across the world.

This messaging app has a lot of platform options. You can use its service on most of the devices and operating systems. It has some unique features too. Telegram offers the option to build a group chat that can be joined by nearly 100,000 users. Also, you can share unlimited pictures or files. As far as safety is concerned, Telegram is the safest chat service. Experts say it is safer to store information on the user’s device.

Telegram had got some criticisms. One of them was the end-to-end encryption does not get turned on automatically. It gets switched on only when a private chat conversation starts. When you use a regular chat, the end-to-end encryption gets switched off. This signifies that they can maintain a track of people with whom you chat and when. You cannot use telegram anonymously. It requires a telephone number and access to one’s contact list.

top alternatives to WhatsApp

Signal- Just like Telegram, Signal is one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp. It encrypts all messages and calls made through this app. The servers of this app do not store any data and at the same time does not have any access to any kind of communication done by the users. The end-to-end encryption employed by this privacy chat app is very safe than the one used by WhatsApp.

iMessage- This messaging app is perfect for Apple iPhone users. It is one of the safest messaging platforms. The unique thing about this messaging app is that even Apple cannot read the chat or messages. Apple allows its users to install other chat applications. iMessage is the most popular and safest chat app for those using an iPhone.

Viber- It is one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp and is quite popular in South East Asian countries. It comes with an end to end encryption. It permits users to set the self-destruction times on messages so that they can be deleted after a specific point of time. In this messaging app, there is a “Hidden Chats” section that can is accessible only using a PIN code.

Spike-It is a dialog-based email app. This app was designed as a collaboration tool. However, it also works as a great WhatsApp alternative too. The unique thing about this messaging app is the group-oriented chat feature. It is designed by an Israeli software organization. In this app, the classic email inbox is converted into a modern dialog platform. It does not need complex email elements like signatures or subject lines. Your email account is the main point. While registering with Spike, you don’t have to provide your personal phone number, unlike other messaging apps.

Group chats on Spike are like WhatsApp group chats. You can create it instantly and add Spike users to the same. Again, the only thing required is you must provide your email address. After you join a group, all the members of the group can exchange messages that can be read by all in the group. You can create as many groups as you like, however in the free version, you can create only ten groups. Unlike most email clients, being one of the best alternatives for WhatsApp, Spike shows three small points when another user types a message- something much more common with other messenger services.

best alternatives to WhatsApp

Of course, you can exchange one-on-one private messages with Spike in either text form or in the form of voice messages. Spike is great for making video calls. The Spike team emphasizes on data protection. In this messaging app, the data is encrypted before transmission. Each message receives its own special key. Users can use Spike both in web and native apps for Android, Windows, macOS, and iOS. Once you setup the account, the group and private conversations can be tracked easily from any device. Spike is free for private use. However, if someone wants to use Spike for commercial purposes, then he or she must choose a paid subscription.

Threema- It is a messaging app from Switzerland. Like most of the best alternatives to WhatsApp, this messaging app is quite safe when it comes to data. Just like WhatsApp, Threema also uses end-to-end encryption. Moreover, Threema manage groups and contact lists on a mobile device, and not in the server. When the app synchronizes with your phone’s contact list, they get transferred to the server. Moreover, unlike WhatsApp, Threema does not store any metadata about the person who is communicating and the time of communication. It takes user data protection into consideration. The servers of Threema are subjected to strict data protection rules.

Along with data protection, Threema has some unique features. For instance, it offers a voting feature that helps users to create surveys easily. For example, a question to a group of friends, like where to meet, no longer has different answers. The person who asks the question can specify a few options for the question. Other members can cast their vote. The messaging app also provides a PIN lock feature, especially for private chats.

Theerma is not free. You must buy one or more licenses for a small charge.  In the Theerma store, you can purchase the Android version through Bitcoins or PayPal.

Wire- Safeguarded by European Data Retention Laws, Wire is a safe messaging app that uses end-to-end encryption. It is free for personal use whereas users must pay a small amount if they are going to use it for commercial purposes. The Wire features clear video communication and voice. The app provides 1:1 and group screen sharing. It supports audio filtering and multimedia file sharing. Accessible from almost all platforms, you can log into your account from eight different synced tools. You can format the text with italics and bold. Also, you can design lists within chats.

The only disadvantage with these best alternatives to WhatsApp is they have a low user rate. It is not just difficult, but also unattractive to first download and install a messenger app and then try to encourage your friends to install this messaging service. It is frustrating to find that only you are not using WhatsApp when the whole company is using it for messaging. However, if safety is important for you, then this should not matter to you. There is no reason not to install different messenger apps so that you can use WhatsApp as less as possible.

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