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Have you Used These Photo Editing Apps Used by Professional Photographers?

All of us have done this in our lives- click photos that ultimately come out as blurry. Fortunately, we have plenty of the best photo editing apps available in the app store that can fix these issues. With these apps, we can turn the images the way we want instead of throwing them into the trash.

But, as there are so many best photo editing apps, it is quite confusing which one to choose. However, the best thing about these best photo editing apps is most of them are free, so downloading all of them and seeing what is best for your need is not an easy task. Here, we have listed some of the best photo editing apps and some tricks to rectify blurry images.

List of 6 Best Photo Editing Apps

1. VSCO- This is not just one of the best photo editing apps, but also a popular photo-sharing app. VSCO is one of the best iPhone photo apps and comes with an amazing 3-in-1 camera, iPhone photo app, and social sharing option.

VSCO has a devoted community of expert photographers, unlike Instagram, where you will find varieties of people.

At first look, anybody will appreciate the intuitive design of VSCO as they have kept the main menu clean and simple. Moreover, the tools are designed with easy-to-use and simple-to-understand icons.

The main features of this photo editing app are:

It comes with an advanced camera which can click pictures manually also. You can even adjust the exposure and focus according to your need. 

Choose among 3 flash modes, allow gridlines for balanced composition, and select interface color. VSCO comes with a built-in camera that can be manually set up and use with features like ISO, manual focus, white balance, and shutter speed.

As one of the best photo editing apps, VSCO offers 2 techniques- either using manual adjustment tools or applying presets. The app has a total of 10presets that allows you to adjust your photos in no time.

You can even edit the photos so that they look like vintage photography, which includes exposure and color editing.

However, if you are into a profession that demands serious editing then it is better to use the manual adjustment tool.

This tool consists of clarity, exposure, straighten, crop, saturation, shadow saves, and sharpen features. The editing tool includes the option to add grain, contrast, saturation, and much more.

The photo enhancer can be used to adjust the photo’s filter strength. If you choose the paid version, you can have more than 130 filters. VSCO is certainly one of the best photo editing apps for iPhone, but it works quite well on Android also.

list of best photo editing apps

2. Enhance Photo Quality- This app, found on the Google Play Store comes with one of the most effective sharpening tools. This app is simple to use and is a great option for those who want to turn a blurred picture clear.

This type of sharpening tool can cause image artifacts that damage the entire look if too much sharpening is done. Just like many other apps, there is advertising that is displayed at the bottom portion of the app. It is a bit distracting, but not difficult to tolerate as it is a free tool.

3. Snapseed- Another one on the list of best photo editing apps is Snapseed. This app is best for precise editing, especially for beginners. Some of the interesting features that make this app different are:

·         Varieties of tools, including HDR, brush, cropping, perspective tools, and rotating tool, etc.

·         Various filters, including personal features to save for the future.

·         Autocorrect

This app is a Google product with over 25 filters and tools used for editing photos, including brush, healing, HDR, and perspective. These tools offer the power of precise editing to generate professional-looking pictures.

For example, the brush tool can be used for editing a specific area or object rather than the whole frame. You can even save your favorite filters and use them later to the photos, which supports quick editing on the same photos.

If you do not have much experience in editing, no worries because this app comes with an autocorrect feature used for adjusting colors, contrast, and, exposure which in turn makes the photos appear sharper and more attractive.

Other features and tools available in this app include tuning, cropping, rotating, and generating double-exposure pictures, which combine two pictures so that you can choose and edit the blend modes. This is one of the best photo editing apps for android and iOS.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express- This app is best for adding text to pictures. Few unique features of this app include:

·         Photo adjustment and basic editing tools

·         Overlaying and text adding

·         An option to save your formulas.

·         Blending and resizing

This app is the mobile version of Photoshop, the flagship photo editing software of Adobe. Unlike Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Express is a free service.

Along with basic editing and photo adjustment features like auto-fixing, cropping, and brush tools, Adobe Photoshop Express includes tools that can be used for adding texts to images. With this feature, users can overlay text on their pictures. So, now, creating memes is a task of just a few minutes.

Photoshop Express also helps you to edit photos in their raw formats, save your formulas, blend, and resize the photos. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices without any charges.

5. InstaSize- This is one of the best photo editing apps that you never realized you required.

With plenty of features blended in one, it is not surprising to know that the app has been named an “all-in-one” photo editing app. Available for both Android and iOS, this app comes well-equipped with plenty of features, options to resize, retouching tools, video editing, and text editing capabilities.

right photo editing apps

Distinctive in design, this app is simple to navigate. Whether you are editing pictures for the first time, or you have done it before, beautiful edits are now just a tap away. Some of the interesting features are:

ü  Over 100 filters that will immediately improve any picture.

ü  Options to resize pictures.

ü  Around 6 retouching tools

ü  Static and motion overlays

ü  Over 30 border packs for customizing your edits.

ü  Grid planner

ü  Text editor

6. Darkroom- This app is best for batch processing. The features of this app which make it stand out from the crowd are:

ü  Blur editing

ü  Personal filter

ü  RAW editing

ü  Hashtag manager

ü  Batch processing

This is a great option for editing various photos in one stretch. This app lets you generate Siri shortcuts, edit live or RAW photos, handle hashtags that are related to your photos, and sync your whole photo album.

Moreover, you can edit pictures that were clicked on a digital camera instead of your smartphone. The app can even choose apt frames for you based on your colors and other essential elements.


Use these apps and take your photography to the next level. Our list of best photo editing apps is the right place for you to start exploring the benefits of apps that can enhance your photos.  

Are you using any of these best photo editing apps? Which one is your favorite? Please let us know your feedback in our comments section.

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