Popular Dating Apps of 2020

popular dating apps of 2020

Looking for a serious relationship? In the current situation, doctors advise against in-person romance, flirting with prospective new paramours over online dating apps might be the best option. But the reality is, online dating can sometimes be overwhelming. It is not just about making judgments based on a few photos and one-bios, or the discomfort of sending direct messages to outsiders.  The large numbers of dating apps and users make swiping seem like an overwhelming task. Here are some of the best dating apps of 2020 which you can use to find the love of your life.

You can make the dating world manageable, provided you find the right dating app. For instance, there are apps that are designed specifically for those who are interested in bacon, farming, or beard-stroking. Whether you are planning for a casual relationship or a potential partner for a lifetime, the best place to start is a dating app. Here are some of the popular dating apps in 2020.

What are the best dating apps of 2020?

As far as finding the love of your life in this mobile age is concerned, is difficult to knock down Tinder, one of the largest and best dating apps that enjoys a wider reach. Tinder can help you to find quick hook-ups, though it can also help you to find a large number of permanent partners and recent additions to the app have enhanced user safety while adding extra video features.

Other dating apps have their own strengths. Bumble offers the power to make new friends, whereas OKCupid provides various tools for finding lifetime romance. Eharmony has its own popular algorithm for pairing people, while Hinge’s goal is to get individuals to delete its app off their phones. Even Facebook has joined the race, with a dating app tied to its vast successful network.

Getting Started with Dating Apps

Before choosing any dating app, the first thing you must decide is how committed you are. Like, how much do you want to pay, are you looking for long term partnerships or casual relations? Some of the online dating apps, like Plenty of Fish, allow you to see profiles and send messages for free of cost. Most of the others allow you to view your prospective matches without charging, but they make you pony up and subscribe if you want to reach out to them without restrictions- especially if the interest is one-sided. While the monthly payments for these apps range in price from $10 to over $40. Most of them provide a discount if you choose a long-term subscription for say, six months or one year.  

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Then, there are add-ons too. Options permitting you to enhance your ranking in search engine results, letting someone know that you are interested in him or her, or undoing a left swipe that was meant to be a right swipe, will cost you some extra bugs. Compared to all these apps, the Facebook dating app is free, only if you do not think your current personal Facebook profile data to be the currency.

While diving into finding the right dating app, do not forget to consider privacy. Do not simply browse the privacy policies of any dating app, as these policies define what that dating site can do with your personal information.


Match is one of the best dating apps of 2020. According to PCMag’s survey of 2,000 people, Match is the second most popular online dating app. As one of the popular OG dating service, Match has a specific appeal to people between 45 and 65 years of age who are looking for a serious relationship. Several researchers have found that about 58 percent of grownups who are between 45 to 54 years old use this app. The number is double the number of people who use Tinder. You can download for free of cost. If you want to message potential partners, the subscription fee starts at $21.99 for a month.


Tinder is one of the popular dating apps of 2020. This app blazed the trail set by Grindr towards a world of swiping and scrolling dating apps. Tinder supports you to make shallow, quick judgments about partners. You develop a simple profile with a handful of images and a few sentences about yourself, then be at the mercy of the Internet. This dating app shows all the singles in your area. If you like one among them, swipe the photo to the right side; or else, swipe to the left side. If both of you swipe right, you can send messages and set something new.

Tinder continues to play with its formula, adding a twisting video feature and a geo-location-based area to find matches who share your hangouts. A more important change launched a new Safety Center feature added in January that links into the Noonlight app and offers a panic button in case you win up on a date where you do not feel safe. The Safety Center Addition is an answer to rising concerns about meeting with strangers in real life.


Dating apps are not just meant for millennials. About 20 percent of people between 55 to 64 years have used an online dating site or app. This dating app turns the basic idea of hookup on its head; instead, it supports users to look for friends, pen-pals, long term relationships, marriage partners, and dates.

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OkCupid is one of the best dating apps for finding potential matches. Here, the profiles are more in-depth If you answer a seemingly infinite series of questions, they will give a reasonable Match/ Enemy ratio on profiles to gauge the compatibility. Recent changes in OKCupid have made this app more like Tinder, focusing more on eliminating and swiping the ability to message a user without matching with them initially. You can send a message; it will not be displayed in the inbox of the recipient unless you match with each other. However, this dating app has found that these changes lessened the number of offensive messages received by users, which is a great thing.

Facebook Dating App

Why add information to a totally new app, when you can use an app you possibly use every single day? Facebook Dating app has rolled out in the U.S. It can influence everything that Facebook knows about you to help you find love.

There is no need to download a separate app to start the Facebook Dating app. If you want to try out this app, tap on the menu icon which you see on the upper-right side of your app. Next, tap the Dating option-though you might need to tap, “See More” to find it. Then, click on “Get Started” and you will find several steps that you need to follow for setting up your profile, including the gender you are searching for, your location, and your profile picture.

One of the biggest advantages of using a Facebook dating app is it already knows a lot of things about you. Though it may sound a bit creepy, the data can be used for refining your dating options, making it a boon. Also, Facebook can scan your regular profile for details that it feels might appeal to potential suitors- though you can remove anything that you do not want to share.

The biggest worry is that Facebook might accidentally show your friends that you are open to dating. Thankfully, it is not the case as Facebook keeps all the details private. It might take some days for the first match to come. You will attain a push notification when it arrives. If you find someone as per your choice, just click on the heart icon and unlock the messaging option.

With these best dating apps of 2020, you do not have to put your love life on hold anymore.

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