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Top Photo Editing Apps that will keep your Memories Fresh Forever

How do you get the best photos? By making use of the best photo editing apps of course!

Although the phone is getting smarter day by day and there is AI to click much better pics, but they cannot match with the photo editing apps.  

top photo editing apps

In this exclusive list, we have rounded a list of all the popular photo editing apps using which you can transform your memories. These apps will help you to resize, adjust, sharpen, beautify, apply filters, remove certain objects, make a collage, and can even shoot time-lapses.

So, without wasting much time, let us look at the best photo editing apps.

Pixlr- Pixlr is a complete photo editing app that gives you a wide variety of options. Many users depend on it for a quick fix to a photograph, adding images, texts and applying different types of filters. Recently, it is acquired by Autodesk, which validates its fame.

Some of the important features of this photo editing app include:

  • It has a user-friendly design and simple functionality.
  • Simplified editing tools like adjust, auto fix, and crop.
  • Advanced tools like Splash using which you can make the image black and white and assists you add selective areas with various colours.
  • Varieties of present filter option.
  • Adding a text feature.
  • The option of making a collage.

Facetune–  Face tune is a photoshop app for the dummies. It is used for modifying your photos, mainly your face and gives them a perfect look. With this app, you can whiten your teeth, removes pimples and blemishes, lighten the wrinkles and you can even reshape so that the curves appear perfectly. The features that make this photo editing app unique are:

  • Basic features like adjust the aspect ratio, flip, rotate, and crop
  • Advanced features like smoothen, whitening, tones, red-eye reduction, and adding details
  • Option to view the before and after edits
  • Pre-set filers with limited options
  • Frames to lighten the images
best photo editing apps

VSCO Cam– It is an editing app for people who take their photo seriously. Professional people are the ones who like it a lot. The filters in this app make the photo appear better, at the same time keeping it real. Another best thing about this app is it has an amazing social platform where you can make photo journals yourself and share it with the world. If you want your pixels to be perfect and want to experiment with a new photo-sharing platform then, this is the right app. Some of the popular features of this app include:

  • All basic functions like edit, resize, adjust, crop
  • Advanced photoshop features like saturated colours, high contrasts, washed-out tones etc
  •  Social platform GRID for the photos to get discovered
  • Integrated camera

Touch retouch- It is not easy to remove unwanted objects from the photos. However, with this genius photo editing app, you can do that easily. It removes unwanted content from your pictures. If you are repeatedly photo-bombed or the frame has too much disturbance, you can remove all of them by using Touch- Retouch. And the best part is it is easy to use. Some of the interesting features of this app include:

  • Replace the unwanted objects in the picture
  • Make portraits more attractive by removing wrinkles and blemishes
  • The app replaces the selections automatically
  • Clone tool can be utilized for duplicating objects easily

Instasize- is one such app that you never knew you required. With so many special features all in one, it is not surprising that Instasize has been termed as an “all in one” photo editing app. Available for Android and IOS, this app comes fully equipped with a robust library of filters, resizing choices, border or photo frame packs, text editor, retouching tools, video editing capabilities, and much more. Unique in design, this photo editing app is simple to navigate. Whether you are editing your photos for the first time or a beauty blogger who uses photo editing apps often- this is the right app for you. Some of the important features of this app include:

  • More than 100 filters that will change any image
  • Options for resizing for immediate cropping of banners, stories, etc.
  • Over 10 photo adjustment tools to improve contrast, sharpness, and brightness
  • 6 retouching tools, including whitening tool, glow enhancer, blemish remover, and much more
  • Over 30 border packs for customization of your edits
  • Video editing, color grade your video content before you upload to any social media channel
  • Photo spots to find unique photo locations near you. It is perfect for Instagram users.

Adobe Lightroom for Mobile- Adobe Lightroom is one of the best photo editing apps designed for professional photographers as it is the only app that can allow viewing, editing, and organizing many images at a time. The in-built camera feature makes this app unique. The camera in this app can click photos in RAW through a smartphone where you can edit the aperture, exposure, and use several other manual features. This app has many other filters for adding different effects which you can apply with a single tap to edit pictures. The premium version of this photo editing app has more advanced features including selective adjustments, healing brush, RAW imaging editing of DSLR pictures, cloud storage, and much more. This photo editing app offers you advanced features like curves through which can make fine adjustments to the exposure, color, contrast, and tone.

Its unique features include:

  • Editing in lightroom mobile version provides a huge variety of presets and tools to select from- ranging from simple to advanced correction and various adjustment tools
  • Navigation-wise, some of its tools can be used by tapping the presets one time
  • Lightroom can share on various social media platforms
  • It is free of cost
  • You can download Adobe Lightroom for iOS and Android

Adobe Photoshop Express

Another one in the list of best photo editing apps is Adobe Photoshop Express. Unlike several other photo apps, Photoshop Express includes the functions “flip” and “straighten” that can help you to attain more flexible editing choices. If you are planning to edit in RAW format or TIFF format, you can do so with the best photo editing app, i.e. Photoshop Express. There are about 45 filters to select from if you want to add a creative touch to your images. One-click sharing, watermarking, and image resizing are also important features that come in handy.

Compared to Adobe’s Lightroom photo app, this app is much weaker and constrained in scope. Photoshop Express provides quick editing, but for a more skilled feel, the Adobe Lightroom app offers more choices.

Prisma Photo Editor

This photo editing app is available on both Android and iOS for free. This app is best for turning your images into artistic “drawings” and “paintings.” You might be thinking that most filters that turn photos into artistic drawings are awful. But, believe us, Prisma is not. This free photo editing app makes use of artificial neural networks, which help users to make photos appear like they were drawn by Munch or Picasso.

Give it a try- you might be surprised by how you will fall in love with it. For additional filters, you need to pay, but there is a set offered free of charge. There are over 500 creative filters you can select from.

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