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Some of the Most Expensive Electronic Gadgets of All Time

few most expensive gadgets

During these modern times, people use several gadgets and electronics that help them to meet their requirements for a better life. Sometimes, people just go overboard with their gadgets and make it a luxury item rather than using it as a necessity.  We are talking about how individuals put something expensive to a simple gadget which increases its price. It is insane but incredible too! The bottom line is they want their gadgets to look glamorous. They are ready to spend thousands or millions of dollars on this. Here, we bring you a list of the most expensive electronic gadgets.

Few Expensive Electronic Gadgets

  • Laptop/ Notebook sleeve

A Dutch organization- CoverBee sells the world’s costliest laptop/ notebook sleeve for about $11 million. These sleeves are decorated with about 8800 rare diamonds, black fur from Swarovski, and Siberia crystals. Due to these diamonds, the sleeves have the capability to warm and safeguard your laptop from sub-zero temperatures. It took nearly 2 years to finish one laptop sleeve, so stock is very restricted and is meant for the rich and famous people.

  • Diamond iPhone 4

iPhone is known as the kind of smartphones. It is one of the most expensive electronic gadgets that are in high demand. People go crazy when they come to know about a new release and in just a few minutes, it gets sold out. You will not even get a chance to stand out. This may be the reason why an unknown Australian elite order two copies of the world’s costliest phone from Stuart Hughes- rated $8 million.

The iPhone is made of 500 diamonds weighing more than 100 carats, the main button is a single, rare pink diamond, the back cover is gold in color and the Apple logo is made of 53 diamonds.

expensive electronic gadget
  • Television Supreme Rose

Stuart Hughes is implicated again in manufacturing the world’s costliest television set. It is the 55-inch Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition. The TV frame is a blend of 28 kg gold and 72 diamonds. Just three of these TV were manufactured and sold for the public use for a whopping price of $2.3 million.

  • Headphones Beat by Dre

Beats by Dre are the best headphones costing nearly thousands of dollars based on the artist that encouraged the headphones. But the costliest Beats by Dre headphone is the one that has been worn by the band, LMFAO. With about 114 carats diamonds spread over it, these headphones are priced $1million each.

  • Nintendo Wii Supreme

Do you love online games? If so, then you should start saving now and try to find the limited-edition Nintendo Wii Supreme for nearly $481,250. It is made of ½ kilo 22-carat gold and the front console buttons are adorned with 78 19.5 carat diamonds. It took about 6 months to manufacture it and is included in the series of play games across the world.

  • Electronic Cigarettes

Have you heard about electronic cigarettes? The electric device that offers a similar look, feel, and taste of traditional cigarettes without containing any harmful chemicals that most traditional cigarettes have? A Russian billionaire and his girlfriend loved E-cigarettes so much that he asked an E-cig company based in the UK to make the most expensive E-cigarette of the world, priced about $900,000. It is a masterwork as it is made of more than 246 diamonds, 100 Swarovski crystals, and its tip is made of 6-carat rare diamonds.

  • DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter

Ready for a flight? The expensive four-prop DJI Inspire 1 quadcopter drone is if you can pony up the $3K to get one. It is one of the best electronic gadgets to gift. The manufacturer calls it a “whole aerial film making tool in the box”- the arms lift out of the way of Inspire 1 camera, which can take 4K video or 12-megapixel stills. You can see exactly what it is seeing from your mobile, or utilize the dual remotes, one for the flight control, other for controlling the camera. You can choose a single controller to bring the cost down to $2,899.

  • Panasonic ToughPad 4K Performance

A 20-inch, 5.6-pound tablet that comes with a 4K screen and tough enough design to tossed around. The manufacturer calls it the world’s largest tablet, but it more like a portable, all-in-one desktop system at that price and size. It is more than a simple monitor. Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia K1000M graphics are inside the Windows 8.1 device that is impressive and beautiful.

  • Phase One IQ4 150MP

Do you want the best image? Then, you must pay a premium, as that needs a camera with a big sensor. It is one of the latest electronic gadgets and is one of the best gifts for those who love clicking photos. IQ4 of Phase One comes with a 151-megapixel sensor that is incomparable to anything. It is equivalent to shooting with a 645-film camera. The medium front camera includes a lens and a body, with 80mm as a standard option. The camera weighs nearly 6 pounds.

  • Peloton Tread

Saw a treadmill, but want to spend some extra money to ensure that you have got all the classes that could come along with it? Peloton’s got you covered with its Peloton Tread at a price of $4,295. The carbon-steel unit is well-equipped with a 32-inch HD touch display, through which you can see thousands of workouts, classes, and plenty of motivational videos- if you pay extra $39 every month. The screen comes with a camera so you can video chat with people in live classes.

That cost is for the basic package: you can buy the family package for about $4,844. It includes plenty of goodies like free weights, resistance bands, a chest-strap heart monitor, and wireless earbuds. Before you buy, make sure you have enough space for accommodating this 455-pound monster.

  • 4 Plantronics Bluetooth Headset

It is arguably one of the most expensive headsets. This model is restricted in number and it is costly because of the gold and diamond-encrusted everywhere in the headset. In addition to such important stones, the cost of this Bluetooth headset increased to as much as $50,000.

  • Leica M Edition 60

Got too much money to burn? Interested in shooting great digital photographs like people used to- without an LCD? Then, you must find your nearest Leica retailer and snap up the costly Leica M Edition 60, a version of the Leica M. This unique edition- just 600 have been manufactured- has a 24-megapixel full-frame sensor inside. Outside, it has a 35 mm/F1.4 kit lens at the front. The only thing missing is one the back- you will not find any LCD to see what you are shooting, or what you have already shot. Though being one of the most expensive electronic gadgets, it will take you back to the old days of film photography and that is the whole point.

  • Music Machine 2

Is it a stereo or a spaceship? The Music Machine by Reuge is a stereo. A technically high-end music box, with unbiased movements on every tail section. The music choices are also restricted but just as sci-fi-themes from the Star Wars and Star Trek, along with LED Zepplin’s Stairway to Heaven.

If you are rich enough to afford any of these expensive electronic gadgets, then go for it today itself!

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