Want to Learn a New Language? Check Out These Language Learning Apps

Learning a new language is not an easy task. While a language instructor cannot be replaced, language learning apps have come a long way to revolutionize many things and it has made language learning a much simpler and easier task. When compared to language learning sites, apps provide a more interactive experience in order to learn a new language.

The following language learning apps are the top suggested apps for your language learning requirements:

1. Duolingo

It is a successful app that merged language learning and gamification. As per the Expanded Ramblings, the app now has 300 million users. Duolingo provides a special concept, a simple-to-use interface which makes it one of the best apps to accompany your language acquisition journey. The courses are developed by native speakers, so this is not an algorithm or data-based.

The app is free of cost and has the upgrade options with Duolingo Plus for a price of $9.99, which are add free lessons. The mobile app provides 25 languages and is famous for English-speaking learners who learn other languages.

2. Hello Talk

This focuses on facilitating speaking practice and eliminating the stresses of life and real-time conversation. The app permit users to connect to the native speakers and have a WhatsApp like chat that mimics its interface. There is an added perk to this app. The similar native speakers accessible also want to make an even exchange and learn your targeted language, so engagement is the game’s name.

What’s more, the app has integrated translation function that avoids the problems of sending a message with a missing word and rather fills the gap.

3. Mindsnacks

Keep in mind that Duolingo has integrated gamification in language learning? Well, the Mindsnacks takes the idea to another level. There is a wide list of languages available within the app comes with eight to nine games that are designed to vocabulary listening and learn grammar. You will also be able to see your progress as the app integrates the monitoring capabilities. The interface and layout are nothing short of charming, cheerful, and enjoyable.

4. Busuu

It is a social language learning app. It is accessible on Android, iOS, and the Web. It at present supports 12 languages and is free of cost. The functionality allows the users in order to learn words, simple queries, and questions associated with the conversations. Moreover, the dialogues are recorded by the native speakers, which brings you nearer to the language learning experience. When you can upgrade, you unlock significant features including the course materials.

5. Babbel

It is a subscription-based service introduced in 2008. It can be defined as a paid version of Duolingo. The free version comes with 40 classes and does not need you to spend any money. Every class starts with sequential teaching of the vocabulary with the help of images. The courses are designed as per the student’s level, permitting the learning to be adjusted appropriately. If you start learning a language and then stopped midway, Babbel will assist you to start from the point where you left.

All the apps suggested are tailored for various requirements, whether you are starting to learn a language or trying to choose a backup one. All of them are created by real-life native speakers and so offer you a stronger learning experience.

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