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You are left with the last three players in a Fortnite Battle Royale, crosshairs locked on your opponent. You are tensed, tap to shoot, and then…. you go inside a tunnel. Just at that moment, the connection lost. The chance of winning the game is gone. Playing online games on your phone is fun, but there are plenty of reasons you might want to know the best offline games for Android. Maybe you do not have a stable internet connection, maybe your commute time is more, or maybe you like to disconnect yourself for a few moments and be in your private world.

Whatever is the reason, you have come to the right place. Thankfully, most of the game modes played on mobile do not need an internet connection and are played solo, headphones fixed in our ears. From puzzlers to story-driven epics, here are some of the best offline Android games.

Finding the best offline games in Android can be a tricky job. Android does not specify which are the games to be played offline and which ones do not. Sometimes, you might find the details in the description of the app, but there are very few chances.  If you do not have a reliable connection when you play, it becomes impossible for you to play the game.

Best Offline Games for Android

Crowd City- There are not several offline games for Android that are as addictive as the Crowd City. Once you start playing this game, you will want to play another round. The game is quite simple; you are given total control of a random character and every other person whom you touch will turn into a similar clone of you. To win the rounds, you need to make maximum clones of yourself.

It is a single-player offline game, but you will try to win against a bunch of AI-controlled opponents to turn the adjacent crowd into twins. The best part of this game is when your crowd gets so big that it can turn other players into your look-alikes as well.

various offline games to play

This is a single-player offline game, but you need to compete against a bunch of AI-controlled enemies to turn the nearby crowd into your clones.

GRID Autosport – Grid Autosport is a racing video game developed by Codemasters. It is one of the newest racing games which comes with offline support. Also, it is full controller support, an MT of content to unlock, and a lot of races to play through. This offline game is a full port of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version with all the DLC. All these at $9.99. Also, you get a bunch of race kinds, excellent graphics, and above-average gameplay. There are not tons wrong with this one and it is among the few good racing games for mobile with controller support also as offline support.

Alto’s Odyssey– Alto’s Odyssey is one of the newer offline games that does not need Wi-Fi. It is a side-scrolling infinite runner. You ski down different slopes, make different jumps, and collect a bunch of coins. The coins are used for unlocking customization elements in the game shop. You also receive good looking and colorful graphics. They will not win any awards for realism, but they are nice to look at. The mechanics are quite simple. You can move forward on your own. The things that can be controlled by a player are jumping and performing flips in the mid of the air. The game is free with ads. You can pay to remove the ads or purchase coins to unlock customization elements. It is one of the best offline games for Android.

Chess: The Really Bad Chess– Forget about the classic version of chess you used to play. When you are offline, fire up The Really Bad Chess and challenge yourself to think uniquely.

While the chessboard remains standard, the pieces are random. You might begin with three queens and a single pawn, whereas the computer could have a sequence of six rooks. It makes you throw everything that you know about chess and think something outside the box.

As you increase your ranking, the level of AI stays the same, but it gets improved prices to begin. This might become your favorite non-chess game ever.

Minecraft– Minecraft, as the name of its massive 2017 mobile update suggests is Better Together: but it is still a fantastic solo game. Going offline means you cannot hang out with friends on your favorite server or collaborate on builds, but it takes you back to the roots of what makes this game magical. It is only you, a pickaxe, and an endless world of blocks to hit.

Playing this game alone can be meditative, mainly when the wonderful music swells. We could spend long hours in strip mines searching for diamonds without getting bored, as it is always in quest of a higher objective: a house that you want to create, a farm for which you need material, or an epic journey across the map that needs a lot of supplies. Yes, you do not get to show off the fruits of your labor if you are offline- but there is huge satisfaction in devising a plan and watching all of it come together, finally sitting back and admiring your work.

Demolition Derby 3– It is possibly the most fun-filled offline Andoird games available on the Play Store. Demolition Derby has two main game modes. These are Demolition and Racing. The funniest part of this game is in which the player must smash as many vehicles as possible. There are over 40 different cars in this game along with over 20 tracks and demolition arenas. You can customize your car and play this game in either an online multiplayer more or an offline single-player mode. This Android game provides a lot of fun, mainly when you want to bang into stuff and relax your mind a bit.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition – This offline game is one of the biggest selling video game franchises. The mobile version of the cherished title will not have everything that its desktop PC counterpart does, but after several years of frequent updates, it is close.

What this offline game delivers is a huge open-world sandbox for survival/ creation.


You can play this offline game solely to craft impressive structures as well as mechanisms, or you can choose survival mode where you must defend against opponent mods through harsh nights, all the while discovering new items and forming stronger gear.

There are thousands of weapons, potions, and items, as you might expect. However, this offline game is a simple act of keeping books, one at a time, to make structures, that have kept its audience fascinated since its launch and what gives Minecraft its amazing replay value.

Once Upon A Tower- This is one of the best offline games for Android which flips a lot of game elements upside down. Instead of a prince saving a princess from a tower, the prince is dead, and the princess is hitting some butt with a tack hammer to save the dragon. And instead of climbing up a tower, she starts to dig down.

On her way back, she will have to fight against monsters of all types, from ogres to spiders than climb up high walls.  Then, some traps come out of nowhere. If that was not sufficient, she needs to be fast or the dragon will lay waste to everything with its fiery smell.  While playing, do not forget about the other enemy, i.e. gravity itself.

Collect the coins and power-ups when you can; you must pass the levels to escape this tower. This game is oodles of fun and seems endless.

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