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Best Offline Android Games to Enjoy Without Internet


Many sectors are still untouched by the presence of the Internet. If you and your Android device end up in one of these situations, you may feel no contact with the rest of the world. Do not panic- there is a simple solution- here is a list of best offline android games for you to check out. Most of these android games mentioned in this list have most of their features restricted to online use, as that is a big part of how they make money. Usually, premium paid games are better for offline use, though there are many free offline games. We have chosen the best among them.

List of Best Offline Android Games

Once Upon A Tower- This game flips the classic fairy story of the princess waiting to be freed on its head. Instead, wait around for a handsome prince you turn up, this princess shatters her way out with physical force. It is a nice message to the female players that “you can beat your enemies; you can escape the dragon.” Yes, you can do this. You need to collect power-ups and coins, to advance through the various levels, fighting monsters and creepy crawlies along the way. The best part of this game is it is free and does not need an internet connection. What more can you ask for?

Alto’s Odyssey- This is another one in the list of best offline Android games. This is endless in every sense of the word: If you are good enough, you can guide Alto and their sandboard over numerous ramps and hills, backflipping over gorges and diving between the grinds on temple runs. But, when you finally fail and face-plant, you will. It is so simple to start another run, seeing if, this time, you can get a little bit further, perhaps even seeing the next mysterious biome.

While mechanically simple, Odyssey feels majestic, and that is down to the tiny touches: the purple sun rising against a cityscape background, or the way the scarf of Alto grows longer as he lands. This is one of the popular free offline games.

Oxenfree- Oxenfree’s idea- a group of “80s teenagers pile on a creepy island- is a timeless mystery trope, but you will soon realize that this is just an ordinary game. The supernatural turns and twists will keep you locked, but the characters are the true draw. Developer Night School Studio paints the personality of casts with every word, and their fascination with teen drama makes them feel like actual people.

The dialogue system of Oxenfree is one of the best in any game as it allows you to choose when to stop, when to stay silent, or when to choose from the available choices. You have full control, and the other characters react believably.

Mini Metro- Have you ever thought your city’s subway system needs a revamp? Download Mini Metro. This is one of the best Android games which makes you a transport planner for a few minutes every day. You lay subway lines to get the passengers from A to B, just your city is constantly growing, new stations popping, and it is up to you to join the dots.

It starts simple and on a small scale, it is not difficult to keep your metro system streamlined. But when your city begins to sprawl, and you cannot keep an eye on every line at once, it turns from an exercise of efficiency to one of plate-spinning. It is an addictive formula, and we cannot stop trying to beat our highest score.

Implosion: Never Lose Hope- This amazing action game from Rayark is an attractive sci-fi slash-n-shoot-em-up romp, in which you control a snazzy-looking mech. You are charged with saving humanity from a plague of alien mutants. The initial six levels are free and a one-time IAP unlocks the entire game- an epic campaign, side-missions, and the challenges that will keep you busy for a long time.

With responsive controls, easy looking animations, and a huge variety of nasty enemies and challenging battles, be ready to get hooked. The levels are mostly well-designed for small 5 to 10 minutes bursts of play, but there are a huge variety of special conditions that you can focus on to add replayability and unlock cool things.

If you spend $9.99 for the entire game, you can unlock other playable characters with various capabilities. There is a plot with lovely cutscenes also, but it is recommended for the carnage itself.

Colonizer- Looking skeptically like a math game from the outset, Colonizer is a surprisingly compelling action game. Your task is to colonize new plants on the star map. You fire off rockets towards every world to occupy them. Every planet is designated a specific number and needs that many hits from the missiles to make it yours. While you do this, your face off against other rivals who are trying to colonize planets. If the rocket of the opponent is the last one to hit a world, they will take it. However, this situation works for you also. Its premise may be simple, though its mix of perfect difficulty level and ease of play makes the game playable.

Reigns: Her Majesty- In this Game of Thrones, you swipe, or you will die. And there are times you still die, but it’s fun. Besides, you can happily revive back into royalty and then again try once more. A sequel to Reigns, a Kingdom sim with decisions made through the Tinder-style swiping, Reigns: Her Majesty puts you in the fancy shoes of the queen this time. However, the basic premise is the same- using a collection of cards and items, you make decisions that attempt to balance the budget and different aspects of your kingdom, like the people, the church, and the army. Not to talk about your aspirations.

This game works best when it is played in small sessions that give the idea of an episodic progression through a continuous story of politics, intrigue at court, secret affairs, mysterious conspiracies- a ruler’s life is never dull.

Thimbleweed Park- This is a fantastic old-school adventure game with too many modern features, but true real to its old-school roots. The entire game is completely played offline. Maniac Mansion/ Monkey Island inventor, Ron Gilbert spins a fascinating yarn, reminiscent of the X-Files & Twin Peaks, about a pair of eccentric FBI agents probing a murder mystery in a uniformly eccentric town.

Originally different from each other, the Feds realize that they must work together to solve the case. As the plot sets, a pair of local misfits get involved for their reasons. And that is when things get weird.

Hidden Folks- It is “Where’s Wally/ Waldo and is much better than the original one as every picture moves. Your touchscreen adds a layer of interaction, and everything you tap will reward you with a cute animation: bushes part the leaves, blinds unfold in windows and birds fly in the sky with a squawk.

Every sound is made from the mouth, and they are so good that is worth-clicking on each object- not just the ones you are trying to find-to hear what sound they make, from the buzz of the bees to the opening of a tent. When we hear the “ping” after finding one of several hidden objects on every level, we cannot help but smile, pause, and look for the next one.

These are some of the best offline android games. Do you know any other games that are free? Please share your views with us in the comment section.

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