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Few Google Apps That Can Simplify your Life in the Best Way

Technology has substantially advanced since the last few decades, and now it seems like there is an app for everything. You can find a date, purchase a car, buy groceries, and even bring improvements in your sleep pattern with an option of various apps- and you can do all this from your smartphone. However, it is difficult to find out which apps are apt for downloading and which are the ones that should be avoided. After all, there are millions of apps to choose from! Thankfully, we have spent some time and found a list of the best Google apps that make life easier.

List of Best Google Apps That Will Make Life Easier

Allo- It is Google’s chat for Android. Most of the people use a Messenger app, but Allo is unique when compared to other apps. There are two options. You can either type or talk through the app, which makes it simpler for the people to message on the go. Also, you can edit and send pictures to your loved ones, and there is even the fun option of “shouting” and “whispering” at somebody!

google apps that make life easier

Google Timer- Google Timer permits you to set an alarm through Chrome, so you can set the alarm on your laptop or phone. You can also choose any YouTube clip to be utilized as an alarm, or you can switch off the internet and make use of the app offline. If you do this fallback, the sound will come.

Google Translate- The Google Translate app can help in translating texts- just take a picture of the text to see an immediate translation in any of the languages that you select. This smart app is useful- mainly for travellers.

Gmailify- Gmailify allows you to access the best of Gmail without a real address. You can merge all your email accounts like, Yahoo all into a single inbox.

Google Keep- It is perfect for one who constantly makes lists. This app allows you to make bright and colourful reminders and to-do lists, and you can also set alarms so that you don’t forget or miss anything.

Google Fonts- Google Font will assist you to find the best front for a web project. There is a wide range of fonts, including the designer web fonts.

google apps for making life simpler

Panoramio- It is a Google community app that permits you to share pictures with millions of other people. You can also make use of the app to check out other pieces of original art.

Google Sound Search- Heard a song that you like, but cannot remember its name? If this happens to you daily you should download the Google Sound Search app, as it will tell you immediately which song you are listening to.

Think with Google- Think with Google is an app meant for the marketers. You can make use of it to stay updated with the recent consumer trends and marketing ideas.

Google Screen Search- This is the perfect app for those who are interested in learning. The app reads your screen and then performs a search to find out more info about the thing that you were reading. This useful app is perfect for researchers and students.

Google Duo- Maybe you have got an iPhone and are looking for a way to do video calling. Maybe you have an Android device and Skype does not work for you. What to do next? Install a Google Application known as Google Duo. It is Google’s reply to Apple’s omnipresent app-turned verb, called Facetime. Available on both iOS and Android, with Google Duo, you can make video calls to anyone with this app and a number. It is simple to use and there is an instant upgrade: the “Knock Knock” feature. It shows you live video of the caller before you pick up.

Healthy Living- So, are you eating more organic foods? Great. Reading all nutrition labels? Good. But what happens when you start asking questions about the products in your shaving cream or shampoo? Who will answer your queries? And will you need a translator to understand? Go to Google Play App and install the Healthy Living app. It is a comprehensive, rating-based Google app that will explain you about all the ingredients in your personal care products. You can search for a product by its name, scan a barcode and scroll through the app’s recommendations on everything from the best cereals to serums.

Google Drive- There are many google apps for education too. One among them is Google Drive. Teachers can use Google Drive for sharing documents for a specific class. Through this app, they can manage their work easily and can get access to Google classroom. With Google Drive, you get 15 GB space where you can save all your important documents be it the notes or assignments that you have prepared.

Google Art Project- Culture lovers can download this Google App to improve their knowledge on famous art. This app allows to view the popular art pieces, and you can even find more information about those art pieces.

Google Sky- It is one of the interesting Google Apps that can make life easier and interesting. Through this app, you can see the outer space. You can use your smartphone to accurately walk across the Milky Way and learn more about the recent astrological studies.

Build with Chrome- This app helps you to play with a virtual lego. It is meant for both adults and children. It is one of the best google apps education designed for making notes while you see any educational video. It helps you to watch videos on one part of the screen and make notes on the other part. The texts automatically get sync together.

Gmail- When it comes to google apps for business, Gmail is the first in the list. When Gmail was first introduced, the personal email client was appreciated for its seemingly unlimited storage capacity and lightning-fast inbox search capabilities. However, with the integration of Google Apps, many of Gmail’s functions work as efficiently for businesses. Again, one of the most useful characteristics of Gmail is the Cloud factor- as there is no burdensome software to think about, Gmail is accessible to your employees from any part of the world, without the need to download messages or contacts into devices.  

Google Calendar- You can use Google Calendar to improve your business. Now, sync your events and meetings with the help of Google Calendar. It is one of the best apps for improving productivity. Depending on the business type, scheduling appointments can be a daunting task. An employee is generally responsible for keeping track of the meeting dates and agenda. With the help of Google calendar, multiple employees can post events on one calendar that everyone in the company can access and edit wherever required.

Google Maps- Imagine you need to go somewhere urgently, but do not know the route? What will you do? Just install Google maps app and you are all ready to go. When you see direction on Google Maps, you can see through the camera and get directions while seeing the actual street. This Google app will also adjust you can check your position using the local landmarks like shops and buildings seen through the camera.

These are some of the best Google apps that can make life easier.

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