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Video games are difficult and oftentimes are impossible. With the invention of Virtual Reality (VR), next-generation graphics, and online multiplayer choices, the world of gaming provides a digital equivalent to almost all hobbies. And while we would prefer spending our time behind the wheel of a real car, sometimes it is not possible. Enter the huge world of car games.

From Formula 1 to demolition derby, there is a high-quality game tempting enough to keep us occupied for several hours at a time. When you get bored and look for a new distraction or a competitive racer looking to improve your skills, one or more of these popular car games is going to appeal to you.

List of Popular Car Games

Art of Rally- Art of Rally pays tribute to rally history with lovely low-poly graphics and satisfying gameplay. In the Career mode, you start with older rally cars of 1960 like the BMW 2002 or Mini Cooper and compete through the decades at higher levels.  It is an independent title, and so the cars are not licensed and are loosely based on rally’s all-time greats, but it is clear which car is an Audi Quattro S1 Group B racing car, and what is a Subaru WRX STI. In the Free Roam mode, explore beautifully executed hillsides, cities, and plains across a make-believe world, and participate in the scavenger hunts to unlock more and more cars. Time trials are fun-filled if you are looking to compete on certain stages and compare times on a comprehensive leaderboard. The simplicity of this game helps to bring out the details that play an important role in a racing game. The best thing about this game is there is no forced story with any cheesy dialogue, and there are no advertisements coated with car logos, so it is a breath of fresh air as far as today’s online games are concerned. It has a wide collection of cars along with sharp details like glowing-hot brake rotors that allow the players to pull the handbrake however they want to.  It is available on GOG, Steam, and the Epic Games Store.

Blur- To combine Mario Kart with Project Gotham Racing, Blur was bought by nearly three people. But those three people have been treated to one of the most thrilling and underappreciated multiplayer racers of all time. Blur took real locations and cars, but then filled them with Mario-kart inspired power-ups and more neon lighting than an 80s themed nightclub. The result was a game that had two important sources of satisfaction: legally rewarding handling and the air-punching happiness of clattering your mate with the game’s distinctive counterpart of a red shell. It should not have worked but it did, like the chocolate-coated pretzel of the racing games.

Unlike that charm, it was also unapologetically British, so more traditional racing game places like downtown Tokyo and San Francisco were joined by the lined streets of Shoreditch & the beachfront in Brighton. The only thing which was missing was torrential, endless rain.

Forza Motorsport- This is one of the most popular car games invented in 2017. If they ever discovered the racing game Top Trumps, Forza Motorsport 7 would be the all-conquering car you could covertly sneak into your hand when you shuffle the deck. You cannot argue with the numbers in FM7- more than 800 cars from 99 manufacturers and 30 circuits on which to stretch out their legs.  As appropriate of a game with a production budget that would match the GDP of a small nation, Forza 7 is visually attractive. This semi-sim pushes present top-end Xbox hardware to its limits with its 60 frames per second motion and small 4k visuals. It is like a spa weekend for your eyes.

Stuntman: Ignition- Who does not want to be a stuntman? Stuntman: Ignition follows the life of a Hollywood stuntman who is hungry for stardom. Players must perform a huge variety of picture-perfect techniques behind the wheel of various types of vehicles. Released in 2007, this game may take a bit for the casual player to get into. Still, we think trying and trying again to pull off the right stunt is one of the best ways to fill a rainy day.

Rocket League- Discovered in 2015, this is one of the best car games that are popular to date. Ernest Hemingway is quoted as saying that there are just three sports, motor racing, bullfighting, and mountaineering and others are “merely games.” We would be curious to know what old Ernie would have made of the Rocket League, which is like his favorite motorsport but instead mixes kerosene-powered cars, a huge football, and literal explosions when you start scoring. Not enough dead bulls for him, possibly.

Rocket league is a popular driving game in just the very loosest sense of the word, in that you will spend a large proportion of your time airborne. As we have established many a time on TG TV, football is much better with the addition of the wheels, not because we have never had a goal disallowed by VAR in the Rocket League.

F1 2019- While in the end, this year’s F1 championship served up some superb races, the official game dishes them up every time you click the start button. F1 2019 might be the result of years of incremental enhancements but that is the reason why it is also known as one of the best online games around.

The witchcraft at its heart is the fact that somehow F1 2019 directs to translate all the baffling nerdery of the top-level motorsport into understandable, meaningful gameplay. This means that you can juggle tire strategies, pit windows, and hybrid boost levels without feeling like you are taking an Applied Engineering exam. It is also one of the smartest AI in any game, which means every Grand Prix plays out like an end of the season highlight reel. The only difference is Lewis Hamilton might not win for once.

 Assetto Corsa- This has become so much a part of the sim racing furniture; it is hard to remember a time before it lasted. Like other racing sims, Assetto Corsa nailed the basic handling first and foremost and then set adding cars. While there are lots of racing machinery sitting on the slick tires in there, such as the nuance of the physics model the game is rarely better than when you are slithering around in an E30 BMW M3 on less grippy rubber. We have never been quicker to have less grip in a racing game.

By the time, the Ultimate Edition of the game swung around there were more than 170 vehicles to sample and one of the initial laser-scanned versions of the Nordschleife to test them. Now if we can just praise ourselves from the cockpit of that E30 M3.

My Summer Car- Usually, survival games create what it is like to have a drink, to eat, and fight against the zombies.  This game prohibits the latter for the sake of an odd small narrative and a project car. Be prepared to get lost in rural Finland as you put together a Datsun 100A look- alike. Earn money-draining septic tanks or selling home-brewed wine to your alcoholic neighbor who has no plan of recovery. This indie title is rich with silliness and humor, and it breathes a new life into a genre that generally smells like cigarette smoke and diesel fumes. It is a great time.

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