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Believe it or not, if you have a smartphone and have played “Candy Crush”, you can be called a video game player. Opposite to what Reddit threads say about “dirty casuals” who experiment in mobile games for fun, you stand with us, a  great and fully formed gamer.

Few gaming markets are as controversial as far as microtransactions and over-saturation are concerned in the mobile gaming world. But keeping that issue aside, you can find quite a lot of stellar downloads for your handy pilot in the App Store and Android. These range from flat-rate, free, to a few with microtransaction systems that ask you to pay for stuff in-game, which is not an awful model always. You might download a collection of the newest releases, mind puzzlers, retro throwbacks, and more to pass your time.

So, when you cannot boot up a console, the mental fortitude to read a  book, or the indifference to stare at a blank wall the whole day, relax your mind with these popular mobile games to play.

List of Popular Mobile Games

Game Pigeon- It is one of the best offline android games and is free of cost. If you long for the days of juicing your dial-up connection to waste hours on Adobe Flash-running sites with names like, then the first mobile gaming move is to add the Game Pigeon extension to your iMessage Library.  It is loaded with basic, time-passing activities like poker, Connect 4, and pool. You start your game with someone in iMessage, and both of you will get an alert at the time when you must make your move. No-fuss and no flair. Honestly, it is a much better way to make memories over digital devices.

Alto’s Odyssey- The list of mobile games is incomplete without mentioning Alto’s Odyssey (Android, iOS). This is a side-scrolling endless runner snowboarding game, where you touch the screen to make jumps and do various tricks. Along your journey, you complete your goals, earn huge points, and collect coins that can be used to upgrade your abilities and equipment. But what makes Alto’s Odyssey stand out is the game’s beautiful art style and the environment.

mobile games to play

Brain-twisting puzzle games- Dots is the characterization of simple. The game features 36 dots of various colors laid in rows to form a square of the six-by-six size. The aim is to literally “join the dots” by drawing a line between the dots of similar color; doing so helps you get points and deletes those dots from the screen. You can connect the dots up and down, and sideways, but not diagonally. The more dots the player connects in a continuous swipe, the more points he or she gets. As you clear the chains of dots, more dots come down into the grid. The game continues to add more different colors and roadblocks until you run out of possible moves. It is a fun-filled, maze-like exercise that lets you use some strategy while scratching the matching puzzle game.

Disney Emoji Blitz- Matching objects of a similar color can offer simplistic and pure joy- see the Dots. But many people like variations on match-three games like Puyo Puyo and Candy Crush- staples of the “match three or more like various colors together” formula- as they add a layer of personality. Disney Emoji Blitz is a great choice, mainly among the Disney fans who geek out overloading emojis depending on favorite characters.

There are thousands of truly adorable takes on Pixar and Disney characters filling up Disney Emoji Blitz, requesting to be stacked into groups of three or more to help clear the game board. Like any other good match-three games, Disney Emoji Blitz lets players challenge each other to beat their highest scores. It is a cute variation on the classic format.

Sky: Children of the Light- The Sky: Children of the Light might be an unnoticed title for most, but this game offers a great gaming experience with unique themes and aesthetics. This is a beautiful, animated castle and the players must explore 7 dreamlike realms to discover the mystery. They must enter the darker realms, save the spirits, and discover ancient treasures. You can connect with people across the world through this game and enjoy too many character customization. Various levels unlock distinct adventures with infinite and unstoppable fun.

Pascal’s wager- One of the exciting mobile games in this list is Pascal’s wager. It is one of the popular paid games you can play to have some fun. In this, players must look at the cursed  Ichthyosauria. It is an action game with interesting themes, maps, and graphics.

Players take the roles of four different and powerful characters who get on an adventure in a world cloaked in a dark mist searching for the reality behind the light. Players enjoy the explorations of various mysterious lands with profoundly hidden secrets and arch enemies. The game has a great story and sound, making it more interesting than it earlier was. 

Stardew Valley- For people with the-earth-types, there is the cult-classic farming sim Stardew Valley. Its premise is easy and simple. Inherit a land plot, tend to its livestock and crops. What makes it interesting is its beautiful art, its interesting soundtrack, and the enthralling tasks you take on near your farm and the community. You will likely find it much relaxing than a cup of hot chocolate drunk while sitting next to your fireplace. Also, it lasts longer.

Ballz- Do you remember the old, classic arcade game, Breakout? While Ballz is not exactly a replica of the game, it operates on some similar principles.  You have a collection of blocks to break and you must use your collections to break them. It is a mesmerizing and fun-filled timewaster.

best mobile games for playing

Flipflop Solitaire- If we speak about single-player experiences, Flipflop Solitaire may be the most ideal of all. Fans of card games may already have a simple version of solitaire installed on the devices, which is great! But for a change in the concept, Flipflop Solitare is a great choice.

This mobile game is designed by Maven Zach Gage, who brings a special aesthetic to his work. The objective of this game is the same just like any other solitaire game, which is to attain a full stack of cards of a similar suit. But Flipflop Solitaire lets you arrange cards of ascending and descending values over each other, with no regard to the different colors of the cards. You can move the whole array of cards to space no matter what the bottom card is; it does not need to be a king.

These small alterations create a more extensive challenge, one that supports repeat play. The ultimate result is one of those exceptional, engrossing games you ultimately tear yourself away from and find out that you have been playing it for two hours straight without any distraction.

Are we missing anything in this list of mobile games? Among these, which game have you played, and which is your favorite one? Please let us know in the comment section if you know other mobile games.

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