12 Must-Have Cooking Gadgets

use these gadgets for cooking

Sometimes it can be difficult to shop for foodies who already have the latest and trendy kitchen appliances, utensils, and tools. But with this list of best modern cooking gadgets, you will have enough ideas to choose a perfect gift for foodies, whether it is their anniversary or birthday.

If you know someone who is a bona fide kitchen expert, or if they are trying to develop their skills in the kitchen, then getting the best modern cooking gadgets for the future chef means they can sauté, stir, bake, and chop with ease while enjoying in the kitchen. These kitchen gadgets will make cooking as well as cleaning safe, fun, and easy. Whether you are preparing special weekend dinners for your family or planning the next big holiday meal, these cool kitchen appliances will prove to be helpful.

Best Modern Cooking Gadgets

Food processor- A food processor with switchable blades/disks is a must-have kitchen gadget. This item is every cook’s best friend. With this kitchen gadget, you can shred cheese or slice stick pepperoni. A food processor can play the role of food choppers, mixers, etc. With a food processor, you can make peanut butter, whipped cream, or mayonnaise. Also, you can slice or chop fruits or vegetables in no time.

Food processors are awesome kitchen appliances for making dips and combining creamy and smooth tuna fish. Now, making hummus or guacamole is a matter of a few minutes. Food processors are easy to clean and maintain. Food processors are an important kitchen tool that will help you to save a lot of time. Once you start using it, you will find more and more ways to save time while cooking.

Slow cooker- This is one of the best modern cooking gadgets that you must have. It is also known as a crockpot. Apart from the energy savings from using a slow cooker compared to the over to prepare a roast, this little appliance is a great way to use the leftover vegetables and meats- simply toss them in the same broth, allow it to cook for the whole day, and your soup is ready!

It is also the simplest way to cook a chicken for those pot pies or casseroles that call for cooked chicken and make your own chicken soup at the same time. Just season it with your favorite seasoning, onions, add 2 to 4 cups of water, and cook on low temperature for 8 to 10 hours.

Rice cooker- Another one of the best modern kitchen gadgets and favorite of many cooks is an electric rice cooker. Rice is a staple of any frugal cook’s kitchen and is possibly used often. This gizmo is one of the most energy-efficient ways to cook your rice- whether brown or white in the most perfect way.

Just think how many times you have extra boiled your rice, cooked for too long or dried without sufficient water, or took up useful burner space so you had to wait to cook another meal. With rice cookers, all these obstacles can be avoided.

They come with accurate measurements that are marked on the cooking vessel, so no guesswork is involved- you put in X scoops of rice, fill the container to the X level, pop it inside a cooking chamber, cover, press the “cook button” and you are done!

Apart from making rice, you can use a rice cooker for making oatmeal for your breakfast. Just toss the ingredients in, have a shower, get dressed up for work, and in nearly 20 minutes, you have a hot, affordable, and nourishing breakfast ready.

Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer- Spending your whole day babysitting a sauce in need of continuous stirring? This automatic mixing tool will save your time and energy, so you can keep yourself away from the stove and do all other things that you have been delaying for a long time.

Corn stripper- This has happened to most of us- we try to cut the corn kernels off the cob, and we end up rolling off our cutting board. After a week, we find small pieces of corn hiding behind our measuring cup or other kitchen utensils. Avoid this. With a corn stripper, you can easily and quickly separate the kernels from the cob without causing a mess.

Salad chopper bowl and a strainer- Place all the salad ingredients in this salad bowl and slice the vegetables through the grates. Twist and then repeat, and you will ultimately get finely chopped vegetables. The only thing you need to do is transfer the vegetables on a plate and add the dressing.

Food blender- Blenders are one of the best modern cooking gadgets that can be used for various purposes. You can use this for making smoothies and blend cocktails to your own sorbet from frozen juice and fruits.

Sandwich Maker- Making breakfast for two while rushing to the office is a hectic task for many. With a sandwich maker, you can now make a tasty and healthy breakfast within a short span of time. A sandwich maker toasts or cooks the ingredients that you want. Also, all the parts of a sandwich maker are dishwasher safe.

Rubber spatulas- Having a good set of rubber spatulas will save both your time and money. With a rubber spatula, no more food will be wasted while using the last of that mayonnaise or pouring batter from a baking mix that you just prepared. And rubber spatulas are great tools when it comes to spreading jam or butter on your toasted sandwich or bread.

They are much better compared to butter knives. You can accomplish the task of spreading any condiment in one single swoop. When you make sandwiches for many people, you will realize how a good spatula can save you time.

Avocados slicer- Avocados can be difficult to open, mainly if you do not know how to use a knife. If you constantly buy this nutritious vegetable, then you must buy an avocado slicer too. This is one of the best modern kitchen gadgets that can make your job easier and safer, as the cutting edge is made of plastic.

Apart from opening an avocado, you can use this kitchen tool for removing the outer skin and cut the avocado while removing it from its outer shell. Kitchen experts give this tool full marks for how simple it is to use and how sharp yet safe the cutting edge is- even children can make guacamole whenever they feel like eating one!

Coffee maker- This one is for those whose day starts with a cup of coffee. It comes with stainless steel conical burrs that are designed to reduce heat and safeguard the essential oils in the bean, an electronic timer that lets you adjust the grinding time. This tool can super fine, super coarse, and everything in between.

The coffee grinder is available in different sizes. Usually, it comes with a ground-coffee container with a lid and a cleaning brush. No matter what type of grind you prefer, and despite all its functionality and specific settings, it is totally user-friendly.

Citrus juicer- Squeezing lemons is easy with a manual citrus juicer. Now you can make juice of your favorite fruit in no time. There are different sized juicers available in the market that can accommodate large orange as well as small limes. Made of both nylon and stainless steel, it is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. So, if you have a habit of drinking fruit juices every day, then you must buy a citrus juicer.

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