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To many of us, a tablet may be an entertainment device whereas for many it is a workstation. Apple has uncovered two new iPad Pro models for 2020. These features upgraded processors, twin-lens cameras, and a depth-sensing LiDAR scanner- along with a good price cut. The new iPad Pro was launched on 18th March, 202O. Having dual cameras and consistent with Apple’s upcoming Magic Keyboard, the 4th generation iPad Pro 2020 aims to combine the use of a laptop with a tablet’s portability.  The new iPad Pro features an updated Liquid Retina display with ProMotion and TrueTone capabilities, but its LiDAR scanner makes it the best choice for augmented reality. It is said to be the ultimate Apple tablet. You may be interested to know how you can buy an iPad pro-2020. Here are a few tips to buy the iPad Pro 2020.

Tips to Buy iPad Pro 2020

As usual, you can purchase the iPad Pro 2020 from the website of Apple. Prices for the 11 -inch model starts from a price of $799, whereas the prices of the 12.9-inch version start from $999. Here are the prices.

  • iPad Pro (2020) 11-inch 128GB: $799
  • iPad Pro (2020) 11-inch 256GB: $899
  • iPad Pro (2020) 11-inch 512GB: $1,099
  • iPad Pro (2020) 11-inch 1TB: $1,299

These are the prices of the 11-inch iPad Pro model. But here are Apple’s prices in case you want that bigger 12.9-inch screen.

It is worth considering that, for each of these models mentioned above, you can select the “Wi-Fi + Cellular” option. For $150 extra, your iPad Pro will be able to connect to the mobile data network along with Wi-Fi networks. You will require a SIM card from a mobile carrier to connect to a mobile data network. In addition, Apple does not run a trade-in scheme for the latest iPad models.  This can save about $480 while buying the iPad Pro 2020. You can check whether your existing iPad is authorized during the checkout process on the website of Apple.

One of the important tips to buy iPad Pro 2020 is to consider its features. Some of them are:

5 X studio-quality mics- Apple is discussing the new iPad Pro’s capability to capture “super clean audio along with the quietest details. The earlier generation had five mics, so that remains the same.

LiDAR scanner- Apple seems to be advertising this as the flagship feature, but it will have the task to do explaining the benefits of this slightly unknown inclusion. It is a depth sensor and will thus come into its own while visualizing the entire world in 3D, Apple points to augmented reality as its main application.

iPad Pro 2020 buying tips

Support for the Apple pencil- It is the same feature as in 2018. The 2020 iPad Pros do not have lightning ports and thus would not be able to charge the real Apple Pencil. It charges the newer one without any wires, whilst holding it in place hypnotically.

Magical keyboard- This looks awesome. As well as supporting the Smart Keyboard Folio, this new iPad Pro comes with a new Magical Keyboard, which connects magnetically and comes with a trackpad too! The fact that the tools can work with a trackpad is down to software update in iPadOS 13.4.

12.9- and 11-inches displays- As same as in 2018, with 600 nits illumination and a p3 wide color gamut. Apple has not released the details of this resolution, but we can expect this also to be similar, as it is still branded as Liquid Retina. You will also find features like True Tone and the dynamically adjusted 120 HZ ProMotion feature.

Best Buy

Best Buy is a popular outlet selling the new iPad Pro 2020. The prices of this outlet closely match with those mentioned on the Apple website. However, it may be worth checking back again in the future, as Best Buy sometimes run some discounts and special offers too. Also, Best Buy allows customers to buy a new iPad Pro using monthly installments. This can make your buy more affordable, but in a few cases, you may end up paying more in total, because of interest.

As with Apple, Best Buy provides the option of purchasing a “Wi-Fi + Cellular” model for an extra price of $150. This adds about $12.50 every month if you can make the payment through monthly installments, Also, keep in mind that if you are on an installment plan but are not able to pay everything off within a period of 12 months, Best Buy will charge you the interest.

Cellular carriers

If you want to buy an iPad Pro 2020 that comes with cellular connectivity along with Wi-Fi connectivity, it may be a great option to purchase it straight from the mobile carriers. This way, you can buy a cellular contract with your new iPad.

T & AT

Now, AT & T’s site offers just the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Also, it is offering Wi-Fi + Cellular models, which is boring. The Data Connect 10 GB plan by AT & T currently costs about $50 every month, whereas its Data Connect 15 GB plan costs nearly $70 every month. As such, purchasing a 12.9-inch iPad Pro 128 GB on installments would cost a total of $88.34 per month, if choosing the Data Connect 10 GB plan.


One of the most significant tips to buy an iPad Pro 2020 is to buy from Sprint’s website. This website has 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2020 models, though you cannot find the 1TB 11-inch version currently. Again, these are the “Wi-Fi and Cellular versions.” An important thing to note is that except for the 128 GB versions, all the models of iPad Pro 2020 need a one-time payment if you plan to pay through installments.

You will still require paying for a cellular data plan on top of the price of the iPad Pro itself. With Sprint, it is providing its Unlimited Tablet Plan, which at $30 every month provides you unlimited streaming along with unlimited 4G data.


As with AT & T, T-Mobile is right now providing just the 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2020. Also, it is currently not giving the 1TB 12.9-inch model. All these are “Wi-Fi +Cellular” models, so all these need you to take out mobile data contract with the T-Mobile. Currently, it is providing tablet purchasers an “Essentials” Plan which costs around $60 every month for one line, and also “Magenta” plan for around $70 every month for one line.

methods of buying an iPad Pro


Verizon is selling the 11-inch and 12.9-inch versions of the new iPad Pro 2020. These are also the WiFi + Cellular versions. Above all these prices, Verizon provides data plans starting from $20 every month for 2GB, which increases by $10 for every extra 2GB.

U.S. Cellular

U.S. Cellular is also presenting the iPad Pro 2020, though only the 12.9-inch model. It’s every contract lasts for 36 months and starts from $31.90 for the 128GB model and ends at $45.80 for the 1TB. It does not have any down payment.

Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity is selling the 12.9- inch and 11-inch versions of the iPad Pro 2020. However, it is presenting just the 128 GB versions of both these models.

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