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List of Best Free Video Editing Apps for iPhone

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Want to make some unforgettable memories from media on your iPad or iPhone? Here is a list of the best free video editing app for iPhone and iPad. No need to head to a PC or Mac to create a custom movie using music, video, and photos. As iOS hardware remains to be the most powerful and gets nearer to a true computer, there are a lot of top video editing apps that let you edit and create a video from various media files. Below, we highlight free video editing app choices for iPad or iPhone.

List of Best Free Video Editing Apps for iPhone

iMovie- The list of best free video editing app for iPhone would be incomplete without Apple’s iMovie. The app should be your first choice for editing on an iPad or iPhone. While the interface might look attractive at first, it provides several powerful features and is as close to a desktop-class video editor that you can find on an iOS device.

There are two main features to enjoy benefits. The surprisingly powerful editor lets you choose from eight themes complete with transitions, music, and matching titles. Also, the app provides 10 various filters to choose from. You can compose a film’s soundtrack from the built-in sound and music effects, music from the library, and even your self-narration.

If you are looking for something unique, iMovie has a fantastic feature to help you make Hollywood-style film trailers with the included scores and graphics.

Splice- Splice is one of the top video editing apps that allows you to import files that are stored on other platforms like Dropbox or Facebook. This app allows you to choose a soundtrack or add a track from your iTunes Library. It has a wide selection of tunes artfully arranged in 13 different genres. On the following screen, you can change your transition, color of the background, photo duration, transition, and much more.

As far as editing a video is concerned, you can choose from various tools to reduce the file, add different filters, change playback speed, change the volume, and place text. The audio editor tab has different options to trim the music, download effects, and add narration. Then, you can save the video to your device and share it through social media.

Quik for Mobile- Quik is one of the best video editing software that was created by GoPro. Well-suited with footage shot on Android, iPhone, and GoPro cameras, this app is considered a versatile option for filmmakers.

Quik comes with enhanced editing features like slo-mo as well as automatic audio detection. This software was created with action photography in mind. The GPS sticker feature shows how high, fast, or far you were moving. Little elements like this make it right for editing-action packed videos.

Using this video editing app for android, you can zoom, trim, rotate, and reorder your videos. Or you can use their Smart Cut Tool for trimming the video. This app comes with 26 themes for iOS each with graphics and transitions.  Also, with over 100 free songs to select, it is easy to find the right background music. This video editing app is available for FREE in the App Store and is a great choice for the carefree filmmaker.

Final Cut Pro- Final Cut Pro is an advanced editing software meant for macOS users. This powerful app is best for iPhone filmmakers that want to make complex projects with extra effects.

It comes with a user-friendly interface with handy features like the Magnetic Timeline. This tool lets you trim and move the clips effortlessly without disturbing the other videos. For additional convenience, clips can be color-coded to make staying well-organized easy and simple.

Several iPhone makers want to attain ultra-wide aspect ratios and make use of an anamorphic lens attachment to do so. The anamorphic lens became popular among iPhone filmmakers as it stretches the x-axis and makes a wide horizontal frame. Final Cut Pro features software that can de-squeeze your ultra-wide footage to make it perfectly fit into a stabilized letterboxed frame.

Final Cut Pro has several programs that make it a pro-level video editing app. Some noteworthy features include advanced audio editing, Motion Graphics, Advanced Color Editing, and VR Editing.

Lumafusion- This has been a popular option in the App Store for some time and ranks #21 among video and photo editing apps. For an affordable cost, this app offers several advanced features that make it simple to create high-quality content from your iPhone.

Like Final Cut Pro, LumaFusion Pro comes with a magnetic timeline that makes reorganizing your video content less time-consuming. This video editing app for android lets you drop markers to leave comments as well as multi-select clips to get deleted, copied, or moved. The intuitive nature creates a stress-free experience while working on complex projects.

This software lets you layer effects and styles to your videos. If you want to add multi-layer titles in different texts, shapes, and images then you must use the Titler effect. It is capable of fully color correcting the footage from distortions like over-exposure. Using the real-time preview, you can access all the alterations that have been made to the video.

This video editing app considers all the important tools required for video editing and added in certain advanced features too. The LumaFusion app is available for download for iOS. It costs around $29.99 to download but this does not include advanced features that can be bought in the app.

Videorama Video Editor- This is another solid video editor. After opening the app, you can choose from three various video orientations. These are portrait, square, and landscape. Square size is a perfect option for Instagram.

The best feature of this app is the ability to download free photos and videos from Pixabay. It also lets you download sound effects, video effects, and copyright-free music.

Adobe Premiere Clip- You will need an Adobe account to use this app, but making one is free and offers 2GB storage. Premiere Clip allows you to choose media files stored on your device, in a Dropbox account, or inside Adobe’s own Creative Cloud Accounts. An automatic tool will make a video montage.

But the manual option lets you have more control over the final video. You can select the video’s exposure, shadows, and highlight. It is possible to change the playback speed and create duplicate clips on the timeline. Though there are no varieties of music included in it, you can add your favorites. In the “Settings” section of this app, you will find different types of filters and video effects.

On the editing timeline, you will see the general array of editing tools at the bottom including adding photos, text, filters, and music. Tapping the video slider at the top part shows four additional tools. These include options for editing the clip, remove it, duplicate it, and add various transition effects.

The free version of this video editing app for android lets you create small 720p videos with a Videorama watermark. You can either pay a monthly subscription or unlock all the interesting features of the app. This will remove the watermark, offer access to superior content and features, lets you create 1080p 60FPS video, and the capability to share content lengthier than three minutes.

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