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Effective Apps and Games That will Help you to Type Fast

Cell phones and computers have become an important tool in our personal and professional lives that the real methods of using paper and pen may not be much common anymore.

Though our old-school ways of note-taking may not have left us entirely, technology is progressing without any intention of slowing down, iPads are moving to service industries, video calls are replacing in-person interviews, and store receipts are making it is away to our email inbox- all of which needs the skills of typing.

Learning a new skill does not need to be a boring task. Gladly, there are effective apps and games that can help you to type fast with accuracy and swift precision.

Why Fast Typing Matters?

Learning how to type fast is a big game-changer. In fact, you can save nearly 21 days a year by typing fast.

Though saving quite a few minutes from drafting a long email or texting paras in a text message may not seem to be of great importance, the minutes soon do finally add up and the long list of tasks finally evolve to frustration. By the end of the day, what happens? Time gets wasted, and the work pile gets piled on your head.

Why not alleviate some of those frustrations through continuous practice and dedicating your free time to build muscle memory?

Learning a simple skillset like speed typing can significantly enhance other important areas in life including prioritization and time management. It not only helps you in completing the tasks at work and your personal life efficiently but also improves your productivity.

Whether you are keyboard expert or not, here are a few typing apps and games that allow you to check your speed and accuracy, and maybe shoot a few spaceships along the way.

Speed Typing Online- What is more fun than to type a story? Speed Typing Online is an online typing game that permits you to dive into the imaginative and familiar world of popular fables, songs, books and even improve your abilities in data entry. The bright blue colour frame holds the text, which turns green after putting the accurate keywords. After the end of personal time, a statistics page shows your types words in a minute, correct, incorrect entries, and accuracy.

Typing Trainer- It is an online platform that suitable for beginner typists who are looking for a step-by-step guide. Learning the keys on a keyboard can be confusing mainly for those who are not familiar with or facing difficulty in using a computer keyboard. It has a collection of step-by-step tutorials that covers everything including sentence drills, introduction to the new keys as lessons progress, and the skills test.

Tap Typing- There is the feeling of physically typing on a keyboard and the feeling of typing on a touch screen of a mobile device. As the use of cell phones has become integrated so closely into all our lives; learning to type on mobile is much of a skillset as it is typing on a computer. This mobile typing app, named as TapTyping- Typing Trainer permits users to practice while on-the-go making it right for travellers who want to practice typing in their free time.  

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