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OneNote vs Evernote: Which is Better for Improving Productivity?

Note-taking is very useful in helping to improve one’s memory and increase productivity at work. By writing the notes, you have something tangible that you can always refer to, remember what should be done, and regain total control of your work through the whole day.

There are various note-taking apps that you can use on your mobile device or mobile. The two most popular are Microsoft OneNote and Evernote as they are incredibly efficient and effective that each has a following of advocates and loyal users.

So, as far as OneNote and Evernote is concerned, how do they help in improving productivity?

Overview of OneNote and Evernote

First, let us have an introduction to two platforms. Evernote is an app that allows you to store content, take notes, write lists, and organize everything. While these are stored in the Notebooks, the whole idea behind this productivity app is more of a Universal Inbox where you can save all the things that you have collected so you can find it when you require them with the help of these tags.

On the contrary, OneNote of Microsoft works mostly as a digital version of notebooks that all of us used to carry while going to school. Apart from storing all the notes and various kinds of content you have collected, you can divide them into various sections, containers, and pages so that everything remains organized.

Each of these apps provides its users with a lot of features to help them enhance their memory and productivity. In addition, as no app is perfect, each of them has their own limitations and strengths.

To attain a better idea of which app will be your best option, let us compare the two based on a few features that most of the users use: collecting info, note-taking.

Collecting info- Both Evernote and OneNote come with their own web clipper extension that permits you to collect and store info from various websites fast. Both give the option to choose whether you would like to save the whole web page is a simplified version without ads, or simply a section of the page. Also, you can add some notes before you save them to make it simpler for you to remember why you “clipped” that specific resource.

As OneNote provides you with more structure for organizing the content, its web clipper allows you to select not just which notebook in order to save the details, but also what section within the notebook.

Evernote gives the option to add tags to your web clippings before you save it, so it becomes simpler for you to search later.

Premium users attain access to Evernote’s Related Results feature located in the Options section. When you so a search on Google, Evernote launches a secondary search that will show all notes that are related to the keywords that are used while searching the info.

Note-taking- Both productivity apps allow you to develop and format your notes for creating rich documents. Some of these features include changing the colour and font size, inserting media files, and adding tables. The note-taking feature of Evernote is as same as a Word document. In fact, it is more structured.

Experts who must build and access well-structured docs in the field make up much of the loyal fanbase of Evernote. Structuring the notes in a proper way from the get-go can improve your productivity. Sometimes a blank slate can be confusing. Evernote permits the ability to utilize battle-tested workflows and templates that can save you time. They can offer inspiration as well as structure on what is possible.

On the contrary, OneNote provides its users with more flexibility and versatility in the way how notes are created. You can click on any area of the page and start typing. If you want to move things, simply drag and drop those sections to the right place.

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