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Is Wireless Chargers the Future of Mobile Charging

All of us waste so much of our time in detangling our charging wires repeatedly. The idea of wireless charging seems to be so easy and hassle-free. Just imagine, how easy our life would be if we could pop our phone on the stand and your mobile phone starts charging. It is so simple! But dis you know that even though every new-age tool in the market has an inbuilt wireless charging feature, nearly 29% of the people use it? However, though wireless charging is so easy, it has still not become very popular.

Here are a few reasons that will illustrate the reasons behind the less popularity of wireless chargers.

Your mobile should support wireless charging- This is one of the necessary features that your phone should have if you want to enjoy the benefits of wireless charging. Every phone does not come with this feature. Qi is the standard for all the wireless charges. New phones from brands like Samsung, Apple, LG & Google come with this unique feature.

Wireless chargers are slow- Wireless chargers utilize electromagnetic induction for charging your device. In common terms, your mobile gets charged through mediator source and not directly. The induction coil or charger and receiver coil phone must be appropriately aligned for charging your phone. This is the reason why wireless chargers are regarded as slow chargers. Most of the wired chargers have a reading of at least 12 W. On the other hand, wireless chargers have just 7.5-10 W. If you are charging by putting the cover, it will get slow or may even stop charging. Some have fast charging mode but that just works for a phone with the same manufacturing company.

The wired charger allows you to use your own device, the wireless charger does not- For people who are used to charge their phone during the night, wireless charging is the right option. However, those who want to utilize their phone for calling, texting, or scrolling through Instagram while charging your phone, wireless chargers might not be the right choice for you.

Wireless chargers are not totally wireless- Technically, wireless is not wholly wireless as it must be plugged into a power outlet with a cord. The only wireless thing is the elimination of wire between the source and your phone.

Cost- The most important factor that forbids everyone to use a wireless charger is its high cost. When compared to wired chargers, the cost of wireless chargers is quite high. This makes it less affordable for many.

However, this does not stop it from becoming an upcoming trend. It is believed that by the year 2023 there will be a shipment of about 2.3 million wireless chargers and about 6 million phones that are wireless compatible. However, if these chargers became too much practical and frictionless, nobody can stop it from being the most popular method of charging.

Choosing between a wireless charger and a wired one is not an easy task. If you are also in a dilemma which one to buy, consider these above-mentioned points and then choose one that fits your requirements.

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