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Ways Technology is Improving Mental & Physical Health

As technology keeps on developing, all of us are becoming more and more cautious about the effect technology has on our well-being. Medical advancements allow us to come back from severe illnesses, and knowledge of our body helps us to stay healthy as we grow old. Technology has always enhanced our mental and physical health, and the latest advancements in consumer technologies and medicine continue to make life better for many. No matter whether you are facing a chronic medical problem or want to become healthier, here are a few advancements that can help you in improving your mental and physical health.

Mobile apps- We have come a long way since the old saying, “we have an app for that”, however, this phrase has accurate nowadays. Fitness and medical mobile apps are repeatedly popping up for both Android and iPhone users, and they have been tailored to meet almost every requirement. There are fitness apps, diet tracking apps, and even some apps that help females track their menstrual cycle. As technology becomes more and more sophisticated, there might come one day when people could track health stats like heart rate and cholesterol levels. Even today, health apps are assisting to keep people healthy and out of the hospital. Apps promote healthy behaviours and engagement in the overall health by keeping the users accountable and able to see the results of their efforts with time.

Wearable trackers- Often wearable trackers work with mobile apps for tracking the activity levels as well as the lifestyle of users, making it simple for the users to report data-to doctors as well as to themselves. Wearables also permit users to customize objectives and see historical data regarding their lifestyle. Most of the wearables also provide sleep tracking facility. Some of the most popular wearable brands include-

  • Garmin- Garmin provides various devices to suit individual requirements, from basic activity trackers to the high-tech smartwatches.
  • Runtastic-It is a fitness and health provider. Comes with few fitness watch choices and you can also wear in the water while you track your activities!
  • Fitbit- It is the most popular fitness wearable. It can be used to track the number of steps you take, you can compete with your friends, and keep the users in sync with step objectives.

Telemedicine- Getting to the doctor when you are very sick, live in a rural area, or have a repeated health problem can be hard. Telehealth strives to solve many of these issues by providing patients services over email, live video, wireless tools, and email. Instead of always having to come into the doctor’s office for a consultation, some of the services can be offered remotely, lessening healthcare and travel expenses. This benefit both patients as well as healthcare professionals. This app makes check-in appointments simpler and much easier.

Fisher Wallace Stimulator- Mental illness affects the whole quality of one’s life is an important way. Individual who suffer from problems like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression have trouble getting relief, with their choices for treatment restricted. About 50% of people with PTSD are not getting treatment, affecting their capability to handle with regular activities and stressful conditions.

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