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What is Artificial Intelligence

defining artificial intelligence

It might be easier to state which part of our modern society Artificial Intelligence (AI) has not touched to show how significant it is to our daily lives, society, and business operations. Intelligence machines are influencing nearly every facet of our lives to help enhance efficiencies and boost our human capabilities. Artificial Intelligence is so interconnected in all that we do; it is difficult to imagine living life without it. Here, we are discussing some of the reasons why Artificial Intelligence is important.

Artificial Intelligence is the main principle for the disturbing alterations of the 4th Industrial Revolution; a revolution that will probably challenge our ideas about what it signifies to be a human being and might be more transformative than any other industrial revolution we have noticed. Before we get into the importance of ai technology, let us find out what is artificial intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In a simple way, artificial intelligence is when machines can learn and take decisions just like humans.  There are different types of artificial intelligence, like machine learning, where instead of being programmed what to imagine, machines can watch, analyze, and learn from mistakes and data like human brains do. This technology is manipulating customer products and has led to vital breakthroughs in physics, healthcare, and altered industries as diverse as manufacturing, retail, and finance.

In part, because of the large amount of data we create every day and the computing power presented, artificial intelligence has grown popular in recent years. We might still be several years away from generalized AI- when a machine can do everything that a human brain can do, but AI in its present form is still an important part of our society.

Origin of Artificial Intelligence

Since the 1st century BCE, human beings have been intrigued by the chances of manufacturing machines that represent the human brain. Currently, the term artificial intelligence was invented in 1955 by John McCarthy. In 1956, McCarthy and others formed a conference titled “Dartmouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence.” This launch led to the creation of machine learning, predictive analysis, deep analysis, and now perspective analysis. It also discovered a new area of data science and study.

How is Artificial Intelligence used?

Ai Artificial Intelligence falls under two wide categories:

Narrow AI- Sometimes also referred to as “Weak AI”, this type of Artificial Intelligence works within a restricted context and is a model of human intelligence. Narrow AI focuses on performing one task very well and while these machines may seem smart, they are operating under more constraints than basic human intelligence.

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Artificial General Intelligence- Also referred to as “Strong AI”, this is the type of Artificial Intelligence we watch in the movies. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is a machine with general intelligence and, just like a human being, it can apply that intelligence to solve problems.

Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence is Important

The benefits of Artificial Intelligence applications are many and can revolutionize any professional area. Let us see some of them.

Less human error- The phrase “human error” was discovered because humans make mistakes. However, computers, do not make mistakes if they are programmed the right way. With AI, the choices are taken from the formerly gathered information applying a specific set of algorithms. So, mistakes are reduced and the chance of reaching accuracy with a greater degree of precision is a great possibility.

Instance- In weather forecasting using Artificial Intelligence they have lessened maximum human error.

Take risks instead of human beings- This is one of the important reasons why Artificial Intelligence is important. We can beat several risky limitations of human beings by creating an AI robot that can do several difficult things for us. Whether it is going to mars, defuse a bomb, look at the deepest parts of oceans, mining for oil and coal, it can be used efficiently in any type of man-made or natural disasters.

Instance- Have you heard about the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion that happened in Ukraine? At that point, there were no AI-powered robots that can help us to lessen the effect of radiation by controlling the fire in the initial stages, as any human went near to the core was dead in a few seconds. They ultimately poured boron and sand from helicopters from a distance.

AI robots can be used in such situations where intervention can risky.

Available 24X7

An average human will work for 4 to 6 hours a day without the breaks. Human beings are created in such a manner to get some time out for refreshing themselves and get ready for another day of work and they even have off every week to balance both their personal and work life.  But using Artificial Intelligence we can make machines work 24X7 without any stops and they do not even get bored, unlike human beings.

Instance- Educational institutes and Helpline centers are getting several issues and queries which can be handled efficiently using AI.

Helping in repetitive tasks

In our day-to-day work, we will be performing several boring works like sending a thanking email, verifying specific documents for mistakes, and several other things. Using Artificial Intelligence, we can productively automate these mundane tasks and can remove “boring” tasks for human beings and free them up to be much creative.

Instance- In banks, we often see several verifications of documents to attain a loan which is a repetitive task for the bank’s owner. Using AI Cognitive Automation, the owner can fasten the procedure of validating the documents by which both the consumers and the owners will attain benefits.

Digital Aid

Some of the highly advanced companies make use of digital assistants to communicate with users which saves the need for human resources. The digital assistants are also used in several sites to offer things that users want. We can chat with them about what we are searching for. Some chatbots are designed in such a manner that it has become difficult to find out whether we are chatting with a human being or a chatbot.

Instance- All of us know that companies have a customer support team that needs to clear the queries and doubts of the customers. Using Artificial Intelligence, the companies can set up a Chatbot or Voice bot which can assist customers with all their problems. We can see several organizations that have already started using them on their mobile apps and websites.

Quicker decisions

By using Artificial Intelligence along with other technologies, we can make machines take decisions faster than human beings and carry out actions faster. While taking a decision, a human will analyze several factors both practically and emotionally, but the AI-powered machine works on what it is programmed and delivers the results in a much faster manner.

Instance- All of us have played chess in Windows. It is impossible to beat CPU in the hard due to the Artificial Intelligence used behind the game. It will take the best step in a short span of time as per the algorithms used behind it.

Daily Applications

Daily Applications like Apple’s Siri, Google’s OK Google, and Window’s Cortana are frequently used in our everyday routine whether it is for finding a location, taking a selfie, calling over the phone, sending an email, and much more.

Instance- Nearly 20 years ago, when we planned to go somewhere, we used to ask a person who already had visited the place for directions. But now all we need to do is say “Ok Google where is Thailand”. It will give you Thailand’s location on Google Maps and the best way to reach there.

New discoveries

Artificial Intelligence is powering several inventions in nearly every domain which will help human beings solve most of the complex issues.

Instance- Recently, doctors can predict breast cancer in females at earlier stages using advanced AI-based technologies.

As every coin has two sides, Artificial Intelligence has disadvantages along with these many advantages.

all about artificial intelligence

The huge cost of creation- As Artificial Intelligence is updating regularly, the software and hardware must get updated with time to meet the recent requirements. Machines require repair and maintenance which need a lot of costs. It is the development that demands huge costs as they are quite complex machines.

Makes human beings lazy- Artificial Intelligence is making humans lazy with their applications as most of the work can be completed automatically. Humans tend to get addicted to these discoveries which can cause problems for future generations.

Unemployment- As Artificial Intelligence is replacing most of the repetitive tasks and other works with robots, the interference of human beings is lessening which will cause a big issue in the employment side. Every company is looking to replace their employees with AI robots which can do the same work without any errors and fast.

No emotions- Undoubtedly, machines are much better than human beings when it comes to completing tasks efficiently, but they cannot replace the human connection that builds a team. Machines cannot develop a connection with human beings which is an important attribute in Team Management.

Lacks Out of Box Thinking- Machines can perform just those tasks which they are programmed or designed to do, anything out of that may crash the machine or give irrelevant results.


These are some of the reasons why Artificial Intelligence is important. Every new discovery or breakthrough will have both advantages and disadvantages, but as human beings, we must take care of that and make use of the positive sides to create a better place to live. Keeping these reasons why artificial intelligence is important in mind will move ahead. Artificial Intelligence has huge potential benefits. There are instances where people have said that Artificial Intelligence can destroy human civilization if it is controlled by the wrong people. However, none of the Artificial Intelligence applications made at that scale have destroyed humanity.

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