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Features to Look for While Buying a Gaming Laptop

With their high costs, colourful designs, and compelling components, gaming laptops are a different type of beat from the other all-purpose laptops. There are several gamers playing any of the recent games, like for example, Star Wars Battlefront or Battlefield 1, who are searching for the perfect laptop that can support as well as satisfy all their requirements for dimensions, portability, memory, and graphics.

Gaming laptops are unique when it comes to their unique design. With their bold curves and backlit keyboards, they will attract people. The decision of which gaming laptop to purchase depends on the kind of games that you want to play, gaming lifestyle, and your budget. So, if you are a professional gamer or if you want to become one, then have a look at the following features that you should consider while purchasing a gaming laptop; this way you can be sure that you will buy the right product.

Portability: – There are different portability level when it comes to gaming laptops, like “slightly heavy than the regular laptops” up to “too heavy to carry.” A gaming laptop will be less portable and will have more functionality and power than average laptops. If you plan to use the laptop only at home, laptops with 17” to 18” would be the right choice. On the contrary, laptops that have a screen of 13” to 14” gives the best portability, as they weigh less than 5 lbs and a long-lasting battery that lives up to 7.5 hours.

GPU/ Graphics card: – It is the cornerstone of every gaming laptop, as it processes and transmits the data to your display as images. This procedure can be difficult while playing games, and a GPU with dedicated memory, also known as VRAM, is important for gaming laptops. You need to consider buying a laptop that comes with at least 4GB VRAM.

Display: – There is no point in having attractive graphics and smooth frame rates if your gaming laptop does not have the screen which can promote those attractive colours and lovely landscapes. In order to avoid this kind of events, here are a few things that you should always keep in mind.

HDD or SSD: – As far as gaming is concerned, speed is important, and this would explain why most of the gamers choose SSD hard drives. They provide decreased hitching and fast game loading time, ultimately leading to the best gaming experience. Consider buying a laptop with at least 1 TB hard drive with an rpm speed of 7200. If you can find a configuration with both SSD or HDD, choose it, as this allows space for your gaming files and everything else you want to put on the laptop.

Keyboards: – While the above-mentioned components are important, you should not forget about the keyboard, as you will need this every time while playing a game. You want to be sure that the keyboard looks good and feels comfortable when its in use. A good gaming laptop keyboard should come with a customizable backlight and should provide fast feedback without being uneasy.

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