Misplaced your Items? This Can Help

All of us have experienced that panicked moment, just as we leave our house when we come to know that we cannot find our car keys, phone, house, keys, and wallet. Your mind starts thinking when you had last seen those items and it is a mad task to think and then locate the places where the items might be.

Have you ever thought that would not it be great if there was a simple and easy way of eliminating that feeling of misplacing your items?

The Simple Answer to Never Losing your Products Again

Tile is one of the convenient and smart ways of finding your lost products by using an app on your smartphone. Keep your Tile on any product significant to you or things you are most probably to lose, and your phone will make use of Bluetooth about 100ft away from the lost product to find it.

Have you lost your phone? If so, all you need to do is double press one of your Tiles so that your phone rings- even if your phone is on silent mode.

“Last Place Seen” feature to help you find your left product

The phone app comes with a feature to track where each of the tiles is present within the 100 ft Bluetooth radius and logs into the map. This will assist you in retracing your steps and makes it more probably to find the item again by restricting the worry and increasing the peace of mind in your quest to get that back again.

Includes a “Search Party” Community Feature to Raise your Chances of Finding your Lost product.

Everyone who purchases a Tile and installs the app instantly becomes an important part of the search party community. When anyone walks by your lost product with the app on their phone, it will instantly send a message to your phone with the product’s location. This is specifically useful if you have not necessarily realised that your item is even missing and permits you to reunite with it faster.

Why should you purchase a Tile and Where is it available?

This product, Tile will:

  1. Ring the attached Tile to what you are trying hard to find
  2. Ring your cell phone even when you have kept it on silent
  3. Locate the last place your lost product was seen
  4. Allow the other Tile users to help locate the item automatically and find the location to your phone
  5. Comes in a discreet and sleek design that can add to any item in an easy and simple manner

But do not restrict it to keys and wallets, if you have a pet that is susceptible to wandering why not attach one to its collar or slip it in your kid’s pocket for your additional peace of mind?

For whatever purpose you use it for, you are guaranteed to never worry about losing your products again!

So, next time when you lose any of your items, instead of getting panicked and wasting your time, use the Tile app.

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